USDK Contest Concluded - Check Winners

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The original contest was here - to win a share of 66 USD.

Same story as with one that i made with neoxian ... everyone who entered on Steemit (as the USDK post had also part on twitter) - won.

I will sent USDK on Twitter to everyone who won and write a comment but it will take me some time to verify who did all with no cheating.
There was 31 people trying to get free coins, while only 13 did all actions needed, yet some of them

Btw you can still follow me on twitter if you have an account, i do there some cool stuff sometimes -

USDK Top5 Markets


Just by spending few seconds on twitter you could have some STEEM as you could sell this right away.

And on Steemit we had... 2 entrances. So you guys will share the 15 USDK. So @thesobuz @bigdaddy
reply here with your ETH address or join my discord (link below) and give it there to keep anonymity.

I assume doing actions like this around xmas/new years eve is not the best to get loads of people but at last those who enter win almost all the time.

So in the end its not bad.

Also maybe visibility wasn't big because @ocdb and @traflagar @traf @ctime @tangofever @spt-skillup @mariuszkarowski @bluesniper @primeradue @dicebot tried to make the post not seen by users to enter and win. The ones who won should thank them then ;)

contest still running that did not fulfill places yet:

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go for chest giveaway contest, not many entered yet -

Hi Bro,
Thank for your amazing contest. Please see below ETH addres ( 0xa4b1145518553B3d06505B197ec0316B306daefA )

I have joined in your discord community also. 🙂

you are welcome, sending coins now



there are contests live to join!

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