Guess who's back...back again...

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It's been a long while since we last saw SBD being printed for author rewards. Note that SBD's haven't stopped being issued, it simply served another purpose and that was / is to fund the proposals submitted on the SPS.

But since earlier today...

2020-02-07 13_12_49-Missed opportunities...same mistakes... — Steemit.png

I know many of you might be wondering why is this happening now, or even feel that it is a super complicated topic for you to understand. It isn't, so let's break it down a little.

Essentially there are 2 tokens in which author rewards are being payed. The first one is our beloved STEEM. Now you may have forgotten it but SBD has always been part of the equation. As a matter of fact 50% of the author rewards are being payed in SBD as long as the Debt Ratio is lesser than 9%.

Debt ratio is the number we get if we divide the marketcap of SBD to the marketcap of STEEM. Got it? Sweet.

When this number is bigger than 10%...well, you know pretty well what's happening, since this is how you've been receiving your author rewards for many months in a row...and this is entirely in STEEM. 50% of it in the form of SP and 50% in liquid form.

But there is also a middle state and this is where we are right now.

The state where the ratio is cruising between 9% - 9.99%

In this case there are 3 forms of payment for author rewards and that is Steem Power, Liquid STEEM and a portion of SBD.

In other words the moment that Debt Ratio will be 8.99% or lesser, we'll be back at the good ol days...

PS. The Steem blockchain is executing perfectly fine what was designed to do from its inception...without us interfering and burning stuff here and there...

Have a good one peeps.

Full Steem ahead.


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finally someone gave an accurate information about the new development in SBD economy...

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I love getting some SBD. esp cause to me it means a healthier steem economy.

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a healthier steem economy.


That answers my question of the day. Thanks.

Well done! Keep it simple.

As simple as possible :)

Thanks for the beautiful explanation here. Cheers!

Hooray for your clear and concise explaining! ~
$SBD will make #MAR2020SPUD more awesome

Yeah. That's true. I saw my post few minutes ago with the #SBD reward in cent. Hahaha. We are back on our feet this year 2020....

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25 months have been both a torture but also a blessing


It is good tonsee this. Typically this is a leading indicator for STEEM's price.

Seems like we are back on track :)...for now

I like that it is back, yesterday SBD was cruisin above 1 USD! Which is always nice 😏

I hope this time it won't explode and sit at its peg

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It is great to see SBD back on track @mindtrap, to me this is the first sign that we are really moving upwards again, kind of a confirmation really, let's see how it goes, and thank you very much for your easy to understand explanation, it's awesome.

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Thanks so much for your kind words and for the RS too!

Thanks @mindtrap, and keep up your awesome work.

ah thanks...I almost get it! So steem market cap has to stay 10x higher than steem or sbd will get funky??

So steem market cap has to stay 10x higher than steem or sbd

You mean 10x higher than sbd, right? Well, it has to stay 11x+ higher so that there is no liquid Steem payment at all.

Ahh yeah ok. I get it now! Thanks!

I saw it right now. A great way to start the weekend, haha!

It is indeed...