RC's....A miracle and a burden...all at the same time.

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We all like to talk about how awesome and great the Steem blockchain is. And it really is. As a matter of fact it is my favorite subject too. I find anything regarding the Steem blockchain, exciting ...the least...

No matter what crypto experts say or do, I am an insider. And that means I know stuff that most people out there are not aware of, or simply refuse to admit.

Does that mean that this blockchain has no flaws?

Of course not. And this is exactly the reason I made this post in the first place. To talk to you about flaws.

Now do me a favor and try to imagine yourself as a newcomer once again. I know it is hard to do so because it feels like ancient history but give it a shot, will ya? Good.

Other than the obvious, which was to be noticed of course by all those that were here long before you, what other problems did you face? Hmmm...as far as I can remember none.

As a matter of fact I remember myself upvoting and commenting every single post that I thought it was interesting. Tirelessly...Because there is no shortcut to being noticed and if you think that by focusing on your blog and your blog only in the hope that others will discover your amazing content at some point you are highly mistaken.

There are of course a few great curation projects whose curators are doing a great job in discovering content but again, they might miss your posts. They are humans after all...

So engaging with others while contributing something of decent quality for the rest of the community is the right way. The only way actually. That's how one can gain followers and eventually grow their accounts.

Cut to the chase @mindtrap...give us a break will ya...?

Long story short, a newcomer back in the day had nothing to worry about other than being noticed. Period.

A newcomer today though...hmm....they can't even interact with the chain...unless they buy some STEEM straight away. You see...because of RC's those shitty / spam "good post", "upvote me plz" comments are long gone but for a newcomer it is just a "prison."

Exactly because of these RC issues I was offered to delegate 100 SP to a new guy (I won't name names nor I pretend to be a savior because most of you would have done the same) who had 0.64% RC's left to use and couldn't even reply to the comments people dropped on his post --> enough for a comment only according to Steemd.com...and then rest in peace for a couple of days...

I know that it won't take long(?) till RC delegations will be implemented along with communities and SMT's, probably in the upcoming HF but I am trying to put myself in their shoes...

If I decided to join a new platform such as Steem and a few comments and votes later I couldn't interact with anyone...how long would it take me before I quit?

3 STEEM or even 0 Steem that come along with all the claimed accounts is just not enough...

Even 20 ain't enough...

So what's the solution? Keep delegating SP to every newcomer till they stand on their feet?

Let's talk about it...

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Have a great one peeps...


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Light account + RC delegation would be a solution. But, even that has it's limits. We will need a "layer 2ish" solution where users create a "fake" steem account. They can do everything a steem user can do, except withdraw what they earn. This will nudge the user to buy a "premium" account.
But even this has it's limits, as there is only so many RCs/Accounts.
The solution would need to be a platform-wide layer 2 solutions moving a lot off the chain (give the user a choice) and trying to free up as much space as we can. Not everything needs to be on chain and giving users the option to choose would be good IMO.

Definitely not everything needs to be on chain. I second that.

But I am afraid that the more we complicate things the harder we'll attract the average Joe...

Could something like this work?

Ya I like this a lot.

So what's the solution? Keep delegating SP to every newcomer till they stand on their feet?

Yes, this is the solution until RC delegation pools are implemented. It's up to each app that creates accounts for new users to ensure that they have enough RCs to do what they need to do. If the apps don't do that, then users will leave and that app will not be very successful.

Currently most apps rely on Steemit, Inc to create accounts, and while they do delegate some SP to new accounts it's typically not enough. Apps need to stop relying on Steemit, Inc and create accounts themselves and delegate SP to their users when they need it (and remove the delegations when they aren't being used).

This also means that apps will need to have a significant amount of SP themselves to support their user bases and they will likely need a revenue model to be able to get the SP they need.

This is the utility of the STEEM token and what gives it value. If we get more and more apps that are able to run profitably on the platform, then buying SP will just be a regular expense for them like paying for server hosting or other services. The cool part is that it's not really an "expense" since they keep the SP they buy and it is an investment.

This is the utility of the STEEM token and what gives it value. If we get more and more apps that are able to run profitably on the platform, then buying SP will just be a regular expense for them like paying for server hosting or other services. The cool part is that it's not really an "expense" since they keep the SP they buy and it is an investment.

Really looking forward to that day...

But RC delegation will be implemented in 4? 5? 6 months maybe? Currently are there any apps that delegate a substantial amount of SP (let's say 50?) so that a user can operate their account without thinking that with the next comment their account will "die"?

Of course apps should be detached from Steemit.inc. This is a MUST if we want to move forward.

I wrote a post some months ago and the bottom line was that "I really want to see a new app launch, introduce themselves to the rest of the community and state that we don't want any delegation from anyone. As a matter of fact we've invested in our own project and bought 200K / 300K /500K SP just because we believe in STEEM and in our project as well.

500K SP is ~ 50K $ currently. In most countries one can't even buy 1/5 of a business with this amount of money...and there is always the risk of bankruptcy...

On Steem they can earn from day 1 and attract dozens of people every single day as long as their product is top notch...

As far as I know...only threespeak rely on their own funds...which is remarkable. That's how people should run a business model, at least from where I stand.

Ever heard of a little app called Splinterlands? We create an average of about 30 new accounts per day, automatically delegate up to 100 SP to active players, have nearly 700k SP powered up, and no significant delegations.

Anyway, even without RC delegation pools it's very doable, but in order to attract serious app development here we need better tools so they don't have to figure out how to do things like automatic SP delegation on their own and some type of marketing / grants program so they find out about Steem and are encouraged to build their projects here.

Pretty much every other serious blockchain is actively going after app developers and offering them help and funding to build on their platform. So that's what we're competing with. It doesn't matter how many features Steem has or anything else really, if we can't attract good apps here Steem will continue its steady decline, and unfortunately, we're seriously lacking in that regard compared to what other platforms are doing.

Ever heard of a little app called Splinterlands?

Of course mate. You guys rock and are doing an amazing job actually. Probably one of the best things that ever happened to STEEM.

Must be the only guy around here who haven't played this game yet :( don't crucify me. Didn't know all those details because I am not an active player...

and some type of marketing / grants program so they find out about Steem and are encouraged to build their projects here.

I've been shouting and screaming about this for months now...We need to market STEEM as hard as we can and not only on Twitter...I mean really advertise our product. Pay big and flood the Internet with STEEM ads...

Could the SPS support such an initiative?

But RC delegation will be implemented in 4? 5? 6 months maybe?

It is part of the SMT update which is currently in testing. There is no specific release date yet.

According to Steemit.Inc this testing phase will take months...they are not in a hurry and they shouldn't be if we want SMT's to have the least possible bugs.

In the meantime...? New users struggle to interact

i am a new commer here and i completely![Proton Upload.jpg]) agree with you,this platform is becoming what it was created to fight in the first place,a place where the rich few get richer and the rest of us suck up


Nah...The point is to attract users not to send them away...

LOL who's that?

STEEM has become a complex ecosystem for an outsider.
The first thing I would do if I were STEEMIT INC would be to create a simple guide for newcomers, straight and simple, explaining the steps to follow in order to interact.
In that GUIDE I would write clearly what you need , minimum SP, RC etc... in order to be active and I would clearly state that a delegation is helping you to initiate your daywork at steemit.
The current FAQ site is very far from simplicity for a newcomer IMO.

True. It is really complicated for newcomers. In some cases it is complicated even for older members...

But I think being able to at least interact with the rest of the people is something that should be fixed asap. RC delegations etc might take a while...

What about trigger a sort of delegation faucet when an #introduceyourself post is made? You could actually tier it where the more effort you put into the intro post, the larger delegation you receive. This way you keep it as is where users barely have enough RCs to operate (prevents spam and abuse), but they can easily unlock more with some effort.

Interesting idea. Although unless newcomers have some guidance their introductory post kinda sucks. Mine sucked bad tbh...

Could it work through SPS? Raising funds for delegation so that new accounts can operate?

You'd need a lump sum of steem power up front, or some sort of steemautoish tool to trigger delegations from other accounts. For example, I could pledge a few hundred steem power, and the delegation team could trigger up to that amount for a certain period of time. From there I would just have the delegation drop off in increments on some sort of aging schedule. So if 100SP were delegated, you could drop it down a few SP per week until it's gone. You could also have a minimum posting requirement to keep it active. I think that would be important to ensure there aren't a bunch of stale delegations around, and at the same time give new accounts enough breathing room to build themselves up in terms of SP/RCs.

SPS could be used for operational costs.

I read most of the comments. I just recalled a small tool but I don’t know if it still exists. It was integrated to ulogs.org in the past, basically where someone runs out of rc it gives them auto rc to complete transaction without them knowing much. I never got to test it though. It was called giftgiver ‘https://giftgiver.me/‘ Something like cpuemergency. The site itself, people can go there if they are short on credit and get a temporary delegation or something. But the owner of that site was integrating this functions into apps willing to try it to were users don’t really feel the first interruption at least and that was the interesting part. Overtime as people become more attached they can begin to value getting sp or powering up. Overall, this is where communities can play a powerful role and perhaps more efficiently than say a few hundred dapps. With communities as much as anyone can taking the ownership role catering to his own dapp instantly, with admins and roles, many more owners. They can rent rc or get sp to grow their communities or incite or inculcate in their members the need for powering up or pooling sp for the community to grow. With communities there will be many more owners compared to if we only relied on dapps and the load will not be too much. Deep down say in the future steemit is able to offer the ability to point a community URL to a personal domain etc, I consider a basic community a dapp. Overall once many start adopting the ownership mindset, new users will be catered to

Sounds like an awesome tool imo. I'll dig into it.

Also communities already exists.

Yet RC's is still an issue...RC delegations are not in play yet

@mindtrap, At first i have to say that i haven't delegated Steem Power to any Newcomer yet but definitely we are in Decentralised Structure this Blockchain is driven by people and Individuals and Communities should come forward to empower newbies. Stay blessed.

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Till communities/ SMT's / RC delegations are fully released we have to give reasons to every single newcomer who has something valuable to contribute, to stay, and try to build their network...

That's true. 👍

thanks for writing this post. I try to always think of things in terms of newbies and thinking that way really dampens my spirits. The key to it all is to make so simple that newbies so how beneficial it would be for them to monetize their lives on the steem blockchain. It should really be that simple and there should be people on the chain already who are willing to sacrifice and protect their investment to make it that simple. Doing so by doing the hard stuff and somehow shield the newbies from it. It's really hard to justify why a new member should stay here. It's up to us to make the learning curve disappear and support these people until steem catches up. If RC delegations is the answer, fine with me. If we have to delegate sp unitl that happens, then so be it I'm always down to help.

Also communities already exists. On beta.steemit.com

To create it though you need the wallet on beta.steemitwallet.com