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I've officially been part of the Steemit community for 42 days. Here's what I've learned, which will henceforth be known as:

The 3 C's of Steemit, from a blockchain newbie

Catchy, eh?


Photo for attention; taken about a year ago. Man I love backlight + bokeh.
I did mention that the fall season is upon us, right?

Content is king. And queen. And jester.

A compelling read will always be a compelling read because good content is platform-agnostic. You'll see a wide range of writing and artistic skill on Steemit, but the basic tenets of how to write (or how to create) do matter here. I posit that quality content creation matters even more here than it does on other social media platforms because of the built-in decentralized incentivization and, let's be real, the earning potential. Yup, even if that earning potential is somewhere upwards of not-that-many-actual-cents a day.

My understanding of HF21/22 is pretty much limited to "Downvotes. Also, everything went down for a little while there." But even I, a veritable blockchain Luddite, can see that the changes instituted were put in place to protect the platform and its content creators.

Curation is (lock and) key.

Curation efforts put organic discovery into overdrive and kickstart authentic engagement. Curators tirelessly sift through the abundance of content to find the diamonds, the pearls, and the gold. They seek high and low to find quality content to share and promote. Sure, rewards do play into this, but the art and act of curation are inherently altruistic, and that's what makes the Steemit blogging community special.

Curators, y'all rock. I definitely stumbled upon Steemit at the right time, because the #newsteem era of objective-based manual curation is in full swing, and that's totally in line with the concept of value for value — a maxim that I hold dear.

Community is everything, and then some

If a tree falls in the forest, then what?

That's... obviously not how that saying goes, but to illustrate my point: you could be a talented wordsmith, photographer, or [insert thing here]. But if nobody knows you or your work even exists, how will they ever have the chance to enjoy what you've put out into the world?

Effective self-promotion can be painful, so if you're new here (like I still am), I urge you to be a part of the community. You'll find support— I promise.

  • Use applicable tags and find relevant tribes
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Be meaningfully involved in conversations

And remember: the community drives everything on Steemit and other blogging dApps on the STEEM blockchain. Be kind and be fair. We've all got a stake in this.

Big shout out to these crews, whose admins and members have answered my questions, curated my content, and welcomed me into their communities.

Thank you.

@travelfeed, @steemitworldmap, @heyhaveyamet, @steemterminal, @curangel, @steemitmamas, @ocdb, @curie, @qurator, @c-squared, @innerblocks, @photostreem, @crowdmind

camera info

hello there


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I'm also a newbie to the blockchain and have been less active than most, since I still don't know what I'm doing. I appreciate you posting what you've learned so far.


Sounds like you could benefit from the positive energy and information we try to provide at the @steemterminal... if you would like to see just how much fun you can have, while being treated like family... just click on the link below!

@rezlems - thanks for taking the time to read and comment! If you haven't already, take @wesphilbin's advice and join the @steemterminal discord: https://discord.gg/V4NFeGT :)

It's a great place to start, and I think you'll find it worth your while, and it'll be easier to get your bearings and understand you can best use the platform.

Also, I took a look at your post from yesterday, and if you're into art and diy projects, I highly recommend using the #creativecoin tag and joining their discord as well:


Hey 42 days, we all know 42 is the answer! Glad you landed here, I love your content. Finding and joining communities here is definitely key. As one of those curators who spends a lot of time wading through mounds of posts daily, your posts definitely stand out :) I hope you stick around. Much love - Carl

Great compliments coming from you, my friend! We certainly enjoy interacting with @oheyo at the @steemterminal... good to see you, and appreciate your kind words...

I'm honored to get this feedback from you, @carlgnash! This may seem silly, but it meant a lot when you curated one of my posts a few weeks back and left a personal comment. That experience and personal touchpoint was awesome for a noob like me. :-D

Yeah, backlight and bokeh works very well together!

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you, @freedomtowrite!

We've both become active on STEEM around the same time. I created my account more than two years ago when a friend kept raving about it, but I only made my first post not long ago.

Yup - it's really cool to see how we've each progressed in such a short time, even! I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from you and @sreypov 👏

What an awesome shot love it, I see we both use sony A7's I love them I must admit

Nice ot meet you onhere :)

The A7 is amazing! Though I see you have the A7III — I've got the A7II, and I love it, so I can only imagine how much more I'd love the III 😅

I've only got a few lenses for this though— looking at an ultra-wide for my next addition. 📷

I stated on sony withthe A6000 and eventually moved u to full frame II do love the A7iii it does al I need and I still have a A6500 as a second camera for the times i need it like shooting events,the next lens I will most likely get is the Tamrom 17-28 2.8 lens I think it will make a good addition

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