Could your country partner with Steem?

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Yesterday my Google Alert post about crypto came in and I saw this post on Business Insider:

It basically announces that New Zealand becomes the first country in the world for legalizing salaries paid in BTC. Wonderful news for crypto adoption, right?

What if some small forward-thinking country legalized Steem for salaries? What kind of impact it will do for the growth of our ecosystem?

Would it be a good thing or a bad thing to have our salaries (or parts of them) paid in STEEM?

If it would be a good thing, what would it take to achieve such partnership?

What would be the first step? Can community pull this off or is it the domain of Steemit Inc?

Community could certainly help push the issue forward but I guess @elipowell would need to get in contact with somebody in government from such country.

Maybe before that the first step should be to raise Steem awareness and demand in such country with a targeted marketing campain.

Maybe we could look at the demographics of Steem and see which (small) country has the most number of Steemians? I emphasize SMALL country because they tend to be more experimental (think Malta, Gibraltar, Estonia).

Maybe even New Zealand? They will already accept BTC. Maybe Steem would be the next logical step for them. I bet communities of various altcoins are thinking the same thing about their coins.

Or maybe YOU live in such a country? Could your country partner with Steem?

What do you think?

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In case if any country decide to pay salary in Steem I'm afraid to imagine how many whales appeare here 😉
But seriously for it should be done great work by Steem inc. and community. At current market price I don't know which country decide to recieve salary in Steem officialy.

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I have thought about this in the past a bit and you might find some of this interesting to support your thinking:

I can't find the earliest post where I was thinking about this.