Problem of Google ads and Steem Ninja

in steem •  4 months ago 

Recently I run in to the problem with my advertisement to my articles on Steemit. I am running small advertisement on Google ads last few months. Before Christmas Google stop my campaigns with notice about malware or unwanted software on my lending pages. I try to change addresses from to but with same result.


When i have time after New year I contacted Google ads support with question where is the problem. And the answer was that in the code is some javascrip witch calls ant that why are my ads stop.

Ninja widget is one of forms how to create the account on Steemit. On Steempeak when you click on Signup looks like this:

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 20200123 135629.png

I tested ninja skript, widget and even web page on google safe web browsing tool and everything look all right. Than a push my request on Google ads to tech support. And answer was that the ninja widget is unwonted software. And i should turn on to web page developers and ask them to remove this part of code from web page.

Luckily @asgart from Steempeak team reacted that he have plan to remove this in the next update of Steempeak. And I am waiting to next update to try luck with activation of my camapigns on Google ads.

Personally I think that done nothing wrong. And the widget is fine. But I see much more bigger problem in this situation around crypto world and Google. On December Google ban crypto content on Youtube. After complaints Google sad that was a mistake. I think this is related to same Google decision about secretly banning cryto world. After all decentralize models are not good for Google business. And If they start to be use widely than Google for sure will loose some part of his business.

I think that should start questioning Google why is his widget on the black list. And secondly this problem should be known to all Steem developers.

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