I am a Dolphin now || Seriously !!!!

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Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good day ...

I am not going to write an elaborate post here but I wanna share exciting news with you. Well, this is exciting for me, I don't know about your opinion. Morning I saw something interesting, I have been waiting for this day for so long.


Many of you might know, steem has some categories on the basis of sp, I mean how much steam power you are holding. I am not going to write deeply about this topic because you know better than me. I still remember that day when I was a plankton and was dealing with VP and RC. Every day only one post and quite a few votes and my RC and VP finished.


I was lost and had no idea where I am, what was happening except writing the shit posts but I continued. I tried to find a way for myself and got it. I came to know about plankton, redfish, minnows, dolphin, ocra, and whale. Steem is a sea with no limitations that's why I think it had been compared with the sea and ocean world.


I always had a thought in my mind that one day I will be a dolphin and that day has come. Because of my consistency, I have achieved it, it took time but I did it and reached my milestone. Many of you might think what is the big deal, yes it is a big deal for me because it was my target and I was waiting for this day for the past 1 and a half years. I started from zero, started with 25 delegated sp. Now, I have 5000 sp of my own. Now I can help others, my voting value increased which is really good. Now there are many options and holding sp is good for curation.

By the way, just wanted to share this new with you... That's all...




I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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Thank you so much...Thanks to @bdcommunity for always supporting me. Also, I am thankful towards @welcomewagon for giving me the opportunity to develop myself and for generous support from all members...thank you @nathanmars for enormous support. Thank you @onelovedtube, @DIYTube, and @helpie ...

Thank you @sergiomendes for this amazing GIF.... If you want your GIF also you can contact with him...

Also wanna Thank @singhcapital for support and contribution. He is contributing a lot to steem blockchain and supporting lots of steemians. He is here with a massive project and spreading words about crypto among people. If you want to be part of his journey, all you have to do follow @Thejohalfiles .

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After all I believe in community power , interaction , connection and engagement....



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Thank you..

Woooo great journey on Steem, dear. Congrats @priyanarc

Thanks dear..

What do I know? I felt exactly like this the day I hit 5000 so really, if Felt do amazing to be a dolphin, what I can say is congratulations you've really been consistent here and your efforts have shown. Congratulations Priyan you deserve it

Ya it takes a long time to become dolphin and you are absolutely right buddy, consistency is a key.

Hahaha, enjoy the dolphinhood see you at orca

Ah, another long run ;) ;)

Lol I think you can do it in two years lol, yeah it's a long run


Congratulations... sister.

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Thanks bro

Congratulations ......

Thank you so much.

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Congrstulations !

Thanks, brother.

Priya!!!!!!!💃💃💃🎊🎉 Congratulations to you!! You inspire me. 😪🤗 Am happy for you. 😁

Thanks dear..

Congrats, welcome to the club.

Thank you..

So proud of you my friend and a hearty Congratulations!
Hard work will always be rewarded and well done!

Thanks dear .. :)

My pleasure my dear!

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So awesome, pretty soon a whale lol

Nope Whale is far far away from me.. 😁😁

Congrats dolphin!!🐬

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Thanks dear...

Well done! Youve been so consistant showing yo daily you deserve it and i hope you keep stacking its the best time to do it! You wont regret it in the future thats for sure

Thank you so much..


Thank you..

Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Welcome to the boat! 😁

yap :D :D

It is a big deal Ms. Dolphin !!
Now to the next milestone 😀

Thanks dear...

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This is amazing news, I am so happy for you :)
(Lucky I saw it on twitter, hehe)

Thanks dear...

Grats on your new dolphinhood Priyan!

Ya baby Dolphin...hehehe :D

Congratulations! 😃

Thanks dear :)


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Keep up the great work!


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seriously super cool!

Yap after long time waiting.

Congratulations! I bow down to your dolphinhood! :) That is truly awesome and a lot of hard work involved!

Have a great day!


As a content creator, it is a big achievement and milestone for me, Now I am a baby dolphin and still long way to go to become adult dolphin :D @dswigle

With your work ethic, it will be no time at all!


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Congrats‼️ Something to aspire towards

Thank you.

I get excited about reading your writing and see what you have achieved a goal that only constancy allows you to achieve. Like you, I set specific objectives for the short, medium and long term. I don't always have something to write and impress ... but I always have something to say and comment on the publications of other steemians and your achievement fills me with joy because I see that I can also reach my goals in steemit.
Thank you, thank you so much for sharing your achievements and inspiring others.

Me emociono al leer tu escrito y ver que has alcanzado una meta que solo la constancia permite alcanzarla. Al igual que tú, me he propuesto objetivos definidos al corto, mediano y largo plazo. No siempre tengo algo para escribir e impresionar...pero siempre tengo algo que decor y comentar en las publicaciones de otros steemians y tu logro me llena de alegría porque veo que también puedo alcanzar mis metas en steemit.
Gracias, mil gracias por compartir tus logros e inspirar a otros.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Congratulations @pryanarc.

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