Looking at 2020 with optimism with Steem

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Looking at 2020 with optimism with Steem

Hi Steemian how are you? Hopefully all healthy and creative work.
2019 will end soon. We will set foot in 2020. Let's evaluate our activities at Steem. Then we set forth good ideals and hopes in 2020. Many people ask what our prediction for Steem will look like in 2020. Even @esteemapp in his post challenges his followers to predict Steem in 2020 as one of the posts. You can read the following post
Day 7 - Steem Advent Calendar 2019, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁

Steem Prices

As Steemians, we must remain optimistic that Steem will be able to survive. Even though the current value of Steem is under $ 0.2, while the SBD is still in the range of $ 0.7 we will remain optimistic that it can increase. This all of course requires everyone's hard work.

1. Investor
We need to increase the number of investors to increase capital in Steem. With the increase in capital it will be expected that the Steem value will increase. To be able to attract investors to Steem, of course we as Steemians must be willing to work well. Investors certainly want that the capital they invest will develop and give a good influence on Steem. Therefore, according to me, there are things that must be corrected.
One of them is there must be irresponsible downvote control. I feel that random donations will develop a pessimistic attitude towards Steem.

2. Creator Content
Content creators must always develop creative posts and show originality. This is a guarantee that Steem will always find good posts.
In my opinion a good post will give you a good impact on the development of this platform.

3. Witness
The witnesses, of course, must and will definitely work hard to make a mockery that will generate money for themselves as well as content creators and curators.

The development of tokens will increase Steem's passion

Although the Steem value is still low does not mean that STeemians will lose income. Steemian is demanded to be smart in dealing with developments. Currently Steemian can even get tokens that value is higher than STeem.
However, this does not mean Steem will die. With the development of various tokens will further stimulate Steem
This is due to get tokens of course Steemian must be active. To be active, you must have resource Credit . To get RC, you definitely need Steem Power. To make Steem Power clearly must have STeem.
Here there is a close relationship that will occur between Steem and the tokens that we have gained through their activities.
This also makes me optimistic and will dedicate my research activities at STeem.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for us all.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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Sometimes it just take the time it need.

Same with Steem. We are all in a very early stage and many people forget this.

Anyway, here is a !BEER for you to enjoy and keep on doing that great work

Yes I think many people have too much expectation in steem, then they forgot that steem is an infant who grow fast. So I keep my optimize in Steem. Thank you for all your support @detlev.

Hey @rokhani, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you

I am sad to say that Steem posts usually don’t stand well with quality. Medium has so much better posts and people are earning more money there. Guess where you wanna post if you are doing it for a living???

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I will always try as can I do.
I want to get income but I don't want reader get rubbish. I want to serve the best i can.
Thank you for stopping by and support my post.
Greeting from indonesia