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The acquisition of, Inc. (STINC for short) has everyone concerned about its consequences and very confused. Welcome to the club, honey! I have prepared a short video to share with you my personal insights and personal opinions.


View on 3Speak by clicking the image above or here

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Edit is done. Should have put it on 3Speak, to begin with!

Damn YouTubeTM! Now I have to redo it!

Blocked in my country due to copyright laws...

Bummer I was gonna check it out.


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I put the video on 3Speak @ganjafarmer. You may view it there.

Sweet. Nice work

I've put a wait and see attitude. I'm not freaking out or doing anything but hodl throw votes and encourage those that need it.

Nice seeing you come up. Excellent work. But your not sharing that cobbler? Shame on you good sir.

Keep it up! I think you are spot on.

You would have to send me your address. Not sure of the shipping costs for a cobbler, but because I love you son, I would take care of that cost!

No no. I love a man that's down to share that sweet cobbler.

And one day if we survive the vegan cow apocalypse from the cow farts, or the corona virus, or the great depression we are about to fall into. Or of course we could have those pesky aliens come stealing our cannabis.

Yeah man. Many thanks for the offer. One day that would be awesome to share a price of pie with you.

Keep shooting from the hip!

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Give me a little bit. I will do an edit.


You can view it on, yet I will still do the edit.

Blocked, but I bet it would have been good!! :0)

I made a change. You can view it on 3Speak @meesterboom.

I will look!