Bid Bots – Are you going to use them from Tomorrow?

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HF21 is coming, soon.. yes, tomorrow it’s here!

Let’s ask another question firstly, are you going to add your vote to a post that is promoted up to $30 or $40?


Post HF21 there is a chance that said post may be flagged for any number of reasons, be it simple disagreement of rewards, it’s a shit post, it’s a dTube shit-post (there seems to be many of these), or it’s revenge flagging.

I can’t seem to abstain using the old term, ‘flagging’, and anyone who reads this is likely to know the term.

If you vote on a flagged post, then your curation rewards will suffer.

I am always loathed to vote a post that had this much in rewards as I always had it in my head, ‘This already has enough’, that is unless it has got there organically.


OCDB - The King of the Bid Bots

I say this in a positive way. Most of the content upvoted by @ocdb is much better in all ways than the vast majority of posts.

While you could say I’m a hypocrite for using @ocdb in the past as a bid bot ‘experiment’, well I’m not going to use it going forward, or at least this is my stance right now.


Yes, it’s been changed to accommodate HF-21 in terms of ROI, but I for one am going to set an example and will say, 'Thanks for but no thanks’.

I like and respect @acidyo for creating his project, and making this a white list only project but I was never truly comfortable using @ocdb for propelling my posts up and I think he’s aware of this.

The other thing to make note of is that @ocdb posts are in no way immune from the flagging crew. It may be the ‘best of the bots’ but we are all in charge of our stakes.

I can’t see an anti-ocdb fund being created for @ocdb posts that have huge rewards pending, so you may be taking a risk by using @ocdb though it may be less of a risk than all the others.

I would rather not get embroiled in stupid petty wars when the fighting starts, and it will start, I don’t think anybody will dispute this.


One of the reasons I was using @ocdb was to gain the fabled (70) reputation. Yes, reputation means shit I hear you all say but there’s just something about it that is desirable.

Now At (71), I'm happy with what I am, and this places me in a better position when it comes to potentially losing reputation regarding flag wars.

With 'New STEEM' coming soon means change. Are we going to have anti-bot gangs roaming the blockchain picking on anything penetrating Trending that is not truly organic?


The Steemit Trending page is never going to look like the CreativeCoin, SteemAce or PalNet one, and what happens from Tuesday, 27th August 2019 is still all a question mark for us.

I am a content creator at heart and would rather take a stance such as ‘Switzerland’ did in World War II.

I’ll watch the action from the sidelines and with my content being NOT subject to bots, it may well escape unwanted attention.



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I respect your decision to stop using it and you're right in that @ocdb is not "safe" or guaranteed ROI anymore, nothing is anymore. I just hope the downvotes the bidders will receive will be fair and that it will up the quality on their next ones even more.

In the meantime we'll try getting more and more people to use it so that the max bid is as close to the min bid as possible. :)

it will up the quality on their next ones even more.

I notice in your last @ocdb post you mentioned that it wont be as easy to use @ocdb now. Are you going to re-vet authors on their work? I think this would be time consuming and maybe not feasible.

I wont count out using @ocdb in the long term when it comes to myself, but will watch what happens with interest. I think people are going to be looking at Trending very hard and with scrutiny.., it this worth it, is that?

How about @ocdb's downvote pool, will it be used, or left redundant?

I use a few of them in the past but I intend to growth organically after the hard fork 21.

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yes i'll start using that

Your braver than me, I'll just take a step back.. and watch the action!

jk, never bothered to use budbots and probably wont.

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I do hope we see some action but fear we might not.

I am going to quit ocdb too,I was using them to get nearer the 50K Mark but not too far off now so thin I can lay off and like you I have never been too comfortable using bid bots

I do hope we see some action but fear we might not.

There's some big accounts out there that could clean up trending. A few of these are silent orca's, I dont mean the alexis555, newhope etc... there's others that simply curate, or have done until now.

They have nothing to lose by flagging the junk on trending and letting loose that STEEM into the pool for the worthy. They can't be retaliated on either.

It really is food for thought.

I agree. I agree with the whole thing and I really hope that change happens. I just came let my cynical side go after three years of it though :0D

Good! We didn't want you using it to begin with!


Lol, it's been good!! But like my women I've got to cast it aside once I get used to it! ;0)

  ·  last year (edited)

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna join you and meesterboom in not using any bidbots, including OCDB. I started using OCDB for exactly the same reason, to reach rep 70. Haven't made it, but fck it... I feel like it's all or nothing for this fardfork. If HF21 achieves what it's stated to achieve then it won't matter as I've never put out anything but quality content... Plus I'm modest 🤣 lol

I've got to be honest, I feel like every HF21 post I've read is missing the obvious truth... that if we really want to get rid of bidbots, we need to all get together and downvote the people running them. Especially the ones in witness positions, and doubly so those in top 20 witness positions. Downvote them on-mass, and remove any witness votes on mass and they would get the message.

I'm not sure why no one talks about this but it's the only way to stop them.

Because none ever wants to suggest for a moment that the problem with Steemit really is bid-bots, lol.

I agree that would be a good way of hurting them. They currently out so much disinformation around how it used to be our what they really do it's ridiculous.

I think their biggest delegator is the problem and I have serious suspicions on who owns that account.

Ah, someone it doesn't pay to dwell on things!

  ·  last year (edited)

Because none ever wants to suggest for a moment that the problem with Steemit really is bid-bots, lol.

Yeah, I agree with what you're saying here. Lol, if Bob Marley is a natural mystic... I'm a natural cynic 🤣

Tbh, if I don't see improvements in how the creative writing (ha ha not just mine 😉) + high quality travel/music/art etc, is curated and rewarded on steem after HF21, I'm gonna stop worrying about it and move my focus to mainstream publishing. But, if steem is still a bidbot shit show, I will definitely be using my account to kick up a fuss about it, instead of writing content on it. Not sure how the fuss kicking will transpire yet 🤔... hopefully it won't be necessary

Kick up the fuss anyway!! There's always room for a fuss kicking!! :0)

I'll have a think about getting my bot whacking broom out and fuss-kicking boots on when I get back from hols 😉

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Hehe, yeah, it's all about priorities!

I hope my post doesn't come across as anti-OCDB.. it's not the intention. Part of me was.. if I don't use @ocdb I'm missing out, so many credible authors use it.. so why shouldn't I?

It remains the best out there, but I feel it's just too risky to use now. I don't want headache's and would rather play it safe, and have that comfortable feeling that all my votes are now organic.

Especially the ones in witness positions, and doubly so those in top 20 witness positions. Downvote them on-mass, and remove any witness votes on mass and they would get the message.

Well let's see what happens. We all know who runs these and I don't want to quote any names or badmouth anyone. I didn't get chance to chat with some of these people at SF3, but they did attend.

No it didn't come across anti-ocdb 👍

I'm also not against what OCD did with the bot, and I did put across my opinion about all this on one of acidyo's posts. I do kinda think that OCD should shut OCDB down and just go full hog at OCD curating again, but that's just my 20 cents 😉

As to the other question, yeah I'm in wait and see mode. I can't see them all shutting down their bidbot businesses after HF21, but I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again 🤣 I truly hope that a lot of these people do 'the right thing'. I think it's painfully obvious that vote selling, along with stinc and others selling huge chunks of steem on the regular, is what has killed the price.

It's at the point that if vote selling continues, and good content creators continue to make a pittance, the bidbot owners will lose more money than they make as their stake becomes worthless.

Fingers crossed for a good hf 🤞

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I've mentioned it before that nothing would make me happier than bid bots not to be as favorable to delegate to anymore thus not needing the competitive ROI on OCDB and sometime in the future the delegators not minding that we stop accepting bids and just curate with it while returning 100% of the CR. Now is not the best time though as they would just undelegate and delegate to a for-profit bid bot instead.

Yeah, I fully understand your position and logic 👍

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I have used a few of times bid bots in the past but I’m not going to use them anyway unless those that burn tokens as the ones of @steemleo or @palnet . Also, as owner of the @isotonic bidbot I’m not going to use its flags, I don’t want to star any flag war and @isotonic is the funding bot for @runningproject which is doing greatly in the running community.

I think Trending is going to be under a lot of scrutiny from tomorrow, so much that people may not want their content there anymore, due to it being took apart for quality etc...

I hope this HF goes more smooth than the last or we are all going to be doing nothing for a week or so. We all remember HF20.

I do use @ocdb, but sparingly. Maybe one post out of five, if that. But usually for fairly small amounts, not sure that any of them have been enough to bump a post onto Trending.

I don’t yet have a good plan for how to use my free downvotes. Initially for some of the more well-known accounts that are egregious takers from the reward pool but would like to have a way to perhaps use downvoting even more effectively than that.

I think some kind of pool is going to appear sooner or later where you can use your DV's in some kind of collection for more effective use.

It may take a while but there are a lot of clever bastards on here that will make it happen!

there ain't half been some clever bastards - Ian Dury RIP

You know I am not a bid bot fan, so not much will change for me, but I see a few people saying they will stop using them. From what I can see the excuse of getting visibility did not really work as you needed seriously big votes to get on trending and a lot of botted posted had hardly any real engagement.

It remains to be seen if people will use their free downvotes/flags to level out the rewards. The big silent accounts could use them to really change things with no harm to their earning potential. It's all about whether people want to benefit the platform or just themselves.

It's going to be interesting, and I think we will see many more looking at Trending and determining whether what you see should in fact be there.

Let's hope so. I will be looking for suggested on where to apply my downvotes.

Let’s ask another question firstly, are you going to add your vote to a post that is promoted up to $30 or $40?

Normally not ...

Hope things are going to change for the better, are you going to SF4?

To be honest, I am not sure at all ... but lets hope.

Yes, we are going to SteemFest 4, hope to meet you there again! :)

Excellent, will see you there. Bought my ticket yesterday.. today is the last chance to get one before the prices > 20%

Cool! Looking forward to see you! ;-)

I only use the bidbots if I have something I think is worthy of trying to get a lot of visibility. I am not a purist and I don't hate the concept of bidbots, I just think the owners have been irresponsible in what they have allowed.
Due to their behavior, they are rightfully disliked.

I will continue to use a bidbot on the odd occasion that I am announcing something or what to start a discussion that requires more visibility.

I absolutely will use my downvotes to protect my investment. I always have. I am not rude about it and I find that helps a lot. While I sometimes get revenge DVs they are few and far between and the price I pay to hope that my investment is worth something someday.

I'm old school, but if you know something needs to be done (fighting of reward farming) and you don't do it out of fear of consequences that is the same thing as doing the wrong thing... Just do what is right and pay the price. I realize many others don't view the world this way.

I am glad you called OCD a bidbot, because that is what it is. Marky and Acidyo both spend time and energy trying to help out on the farming front and I am glad. Yet, a bidbot is still a bidbot.

To me, the ideal solution for the bidbots is enough demand they are never profitable.

I am not a purist and I don't hate the concept of bidbots,

I don't hate them either, if I did I would never have used @ocdb.

you don't do it out of fear of consequences that is the same thing as doing the wrong thing... Just do what is right and pay the price.

That's your choice, I'm here for the content, not the drama. I suppose that's why I have none of your tokens. You cant have it all.

I am glad you called OCD a bidbot, because that is what it is.

Of course it is. I don't think anyone will depute this.

Death to bid bots!
And any other pay to play schemes.


Woo, thanks.. I'm no longer a Drama token virgin!

I got your's and @paulag's, probably a couple others, I was an early buyer.
Steem on!

You popped my drama cherry 🤣😂

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Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

I still do not think the free down votes are good for steemit or for the steem block chain as a whole. Until the time it is impossible for accounts to down vote or flag a post with out leaving a comment,(opening themselves up for retaliatory DV/Flags), I will continue to sit on the down vote/flag sidelines.

While an account with only a REP of 25 can do no damage to higher Reputation accounts, it can still prevent any further increase in that accounts reputation growth by simply erasing all rewards and never have to worry about being retaliated against.

We will have to see where it goes. I dont see any tools that track your DV's as yet. Steemworld may have a nice new circle soon, to show both VP and DV's.

It's going to look like a car dashboard!

You can check down vote power on


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a Great write up,, I have in the early time on here used bid bots but then I decided not to and havent used them for well over a year now and have no plan on starting using them especially not with this hardfork

now i don't have anything against them they are just not for me

Well I have said it plenty before and will say it again, I believe bid bots ruined Steem/it. Without re-arguing it here, bidbots are short term thinking that ultimately devalues the coin. Also, to me it feels like taking cuts in line...just doesnt feel right.

I made 70 the old skool way. It is not impressive, but it is legit. I never got a penny from a bought vote and yeah I am pretty damn proud of that. If it comes to having to use bidbots to get any kind of rewards, I will surely just move on once Dan has Voice up and running.

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The elephant in the room is? 😂😂😱

I don't typically use bidbots anyway. I have used OCDB several times in the past and I delegate to them a little bit because I appreciate what they do vs the other bots. The fact that post which make over 20 STEEM will earn more and posts that make under 20 STEEM will earn less means that a lot of us are in for even more dismal rewards than we have already been getting. It's hard to see right now how this is going to be a good thing for the average user.

I think it is perfectly legitimate for you or others to use @ocdb to get over the '20 STEEM hurdle'. That's a great use for it.

Doesn't that "perfectly legitimate" part count for you as well?🧐

Still not sure what I will do, but I think I'll keep on using OCDB. Still not able to post that much, so every now and then I hope people will let me use this service😅

It does, but I organically gain over that now.

Wooaah you're becoming a big player 🥳🎉

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I was a member, but, never used the OCDB tag, mostly because I didn't understand how/when to use it.

It is all much clearer to me now, but, I haven't used bid bots yet, so why start now? I may not be very high up on the food chain for two years, but, it isn't because of not posting or trying. :)

I'm hoping the transition is going to be anti-climatic.

Le Sigh.

!tip worthy, always.