STEEM Newbie Primer: Abuse, Things to Avoid and The Introduction Post

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...'If your a newbie and reading this, don't be deterred, just be yourself and honest about what you write.'...

Today I found myself again looking through the ‘new section with ALL tags selected in hopes of finding something promising.


I found little, well nothing but the same old material as usual besides one decent introduction post (mentioned further down)

Let me highlight some things I generally bypass so you don’t do it, and I don’t bypass 'your' content.


Ten this, Five this, Twenty this

Don’t understand? Ten Best Ways to Lose Weight, Fifty Places you should Visit before you Die, Five Ways to Pluck Bum Hairs from your Arse, One Hundred and Twenty Sex Positions that will drive your partner wild.

The last one we would all look at, I know I would but it probably would still not get my vote.

Why do I bypass these? It’s typical newbie content and screams of plagiarism.

Even if it’s not been lifted directly off the internet, I will assume it has and move on to find something that I feel is more original content.

’Fifty Places you should Visit before you Die?’

Has the author visited all these places and taken all the stunning shots I'm looking at? I seriously doubt it as they often are of the quality National Geographic publish.



@mindchop is a new account (November 2019) and was doing well using @threespeak until @steemflagrewards picked up on some Bid Bot Misuse.

More recently the rewards have floundered to zero, most votes were coming from @oracle-d, @starkerz and the @threespeak accounts. They may or may not continue but I doubt @mindchop has a real audience.


This is not so much about abuse but that topic of 5 this and 5 that. Is it really adding any value and does anyone care?

You can find this content all over YouTube but using bot's may have resulted in the death knoll for @mindchop's account. Only time will tell.

Steemians are an unforgiving bunch of bastards, so take heed.



This is more typical and may well be original content. It’s got a pending reward of $0.00 and not even a single vote. Do you see what I mean?


The information within is decent enough if you are travelling to Egypt but nobody is giving it a second look because of the assumption of plagiarism.

...'if there's even a sniff of doubt that what you write is not your own content, expect little to happen'...

The author's name (listed on his profile) doesn't really match the lady in the picture. My Slobbery senses tell me something is not quite right.


Lastly look at this post, it was my second ever post and fits in this category perfectly.

It took me ages to write the damn thing and earned me…, can you guess?


THREE votes amounting to $0.00, and it was not the only $0.00 I received back in March 2018. I didn’t bother writing anything in this vein again.

The gems image was stolen, not cited and that’s because I knew no better.

...'Hallelujah for the @resteemable ‘service’ vote! If I didn't get a helping hand I would have received much much much much less!'...


The Introduction Post

I am always looking for these, especially detailed ones. Having a great welcome is a good way to start a new person, and gain some followers.

Let’s check one out that is the wrong way to go about this.


Good name, nice logo (hope it’s your own), but that’s where it stops. Not revealing personal details is fine, many choose not to, but tell us a little more about yourself.

I can’t give this a vote, but I’ll keep an eye on it so see if anyone thinks it’s amazing and deserves $10.



This is a decent introduction post, and great name to boot! We have several nomads already but there’s room for another.

I noticed this author’s debut post and was hoping he would produce a follow up. Hopefully @journeyofanomad can gain some traction and get his account going.


You get only one chance at the #introduceyourself tag. Use it more than once and you will get ignored, warned or even down-voted.

If your account is old and you just posted using this tag then you may be viewed with suspicion.


@cryptotrix has written a decent intro post so why is it sitting at $0.00?

Steemians are like bloody detectives and are very protective about the diminishing daily reward pool. We want the rewards to be distributed to genuine new people only.

He may well be genuine but his post history will be considered. Have a look and make your own mind up.

...'as an exercise you tell me why it's zero?'...

I often feel that Interpol should recruit the STEEM anti-abuse crew members as senior operatives.


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Drooling Maniac.JPG

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I have reported mindchop as it really looks like they are recycling content from a dead Youtube account. They are exploiting 3speak an I have reported this to them.

I think it's important to not do your best posts too early as they may not be seen before they pay out. You need to find your audience first. Put out some 'teasers' and build up a few dozen followers before going all out. Commenting is key to connect with people. The new communities may help.

An introduction post is important and it should have good proof of who you are. A video is a good option as it is relatively hard to fake (but deepfakes are improving). Link to your Steem account from other places, e.g. Twitter.

Having fun is vital as you are unlikely to make much generally. We need to build the community if we want Steem to b worth anything.

Great advice Steve, I agree. I'm in CTPtalk tribe. If you are starting out, try that tribe as we are very supportive of all contributors. OK, CTP is not worth as much as Steem, yet the comments you get from professional internet marketers who know the importance of engagement, will build confidence and encourage newfish to keep on keeping on.

Commenting is key to connect with people.

This is key, don't and the votes will wash over the recipient.

An introduction post is important and it should have good proof of who you are. A video is a good option as it is relatively hard to fake (but deepfakes are improving). Link to your Steem account from other places, e.g. Twitter.

Some of this I agree with, some want to remain anon, it's one of the features of Steemit that you can use if you are more of the secretive type.

Even if you stay anonymous you still need to show you are original and have something to offer. It's up to the community to decide on that. We have freedom to do what we want.

you still need to show you are original and have something to offer.

Oh yes, being different from the crowd always helps. I still hide behind the maniac but if you dig you can find...

My introduction post was woeful because I didn’t understand markdown code or formatting, etc. I wish I had eSteem back then and maybe knew to have at least 250 words in each post.
Appics posts are the new spam it seems.

You look to be doing OK, your account is older than mine! One thing I regret is not finding this earlier.

Appics posts are the new spam it seems.

They are bringing people on to STEEM, and in a way I agree with you. I still feel they have their place but when I see massive rewards for a single picture and a few words, well... I wont say anything else.

That reward number is inflated and unfortunately not reflective of what people actually getting paid.
You can check someone’s post on their Steem Peak page and see the actual Steem they are generating.

APPICS has the potential to be a lot greater. First, it needs to ensure that there is a section for the subject line separate from the body of the text to match Steemit’s formatting. Next they need to enforce a minimum word count to ensure quality posts, say 250 words.

I loved your article @slobberchops, an exquisite critique of life as a newfish steemian. Of course, I have done my due diligence and checked out your background. Now that put a smile on my face! You are much travelled, and that shows in your writing and choice of imagery styles.

I like you @slobberchops, so please do keep posting articles so I can read and laugh, and reward you for your talent. Upvote yes, a brief comment indeed, and most certainly a resteem from me. Top effort, my new friend, from a day 104 spratling.

I have done my due diligence and checked out your background.

Blimey, just hope that 'checking' was just on the blockchain and nowhere else! My past is not all squeaky clean.

please do keep posting articles so I can read and laugh

I didnt always write like this, it's something that develops over time, I kind of blame @meesterboom.., he placed me on the road of sardonicism :)

I see you have posted just once, let's see something from you. Things are so much different now that the pre HF21 days (if thats gibberish tell me), and decent content is now sought out and appropriately rewarded regardless of stake size.

This wont happen every post but it's a huge improvement and one I love.

If only the rest of the world knew. Outside of STEEM, most still look at it badly and think of the old rules. It takes time for information to get out.

Yet I see promising new people (like you) still appearing despite the dire value of the STEEM token. It gives me hope.

Thanks for your kind words @slobberchops.

My "due diligence" is not too invasive, just a quick Dr Google and Steem looksie. I limit my time to about 2-3 minutes max, to ensure I don't intrude too much; I could, just that I choose not to.

I came across some travel pics that looked real nice, places I hope to get to some day if I get to the UK and Europe. Inspiring stuff that, when meditated upon, develops a certain style of writing, almost poetic.

As for new people, yeah I'm with a bunch of steemians heavily promoting Steem on social media, as well as being a member of both CTPtalk led by @jongolson and his awesome website that is pulling people to Steem.

As for hope in Steem, you have a passion for writing and exploring, so let that passion dictate your Steem experience and in the process, you get paid and so do we. You contributions here benefit you and everyone else that chooses to engage with you. You enrich the Steem experience for all, and add to our investments here. If you seek liberty, then this Steem platform is home.

Perfect post. You pretty much summed up what I am always thinking about when browsing the feeds. I get so frustrated with plagiarism and the fact that people are trying to be something they are not. They don’t realize that the real them may just be more interesting than they think.

My blog is sort of a mess, post all sorts of things about MY LiFE. If it influences my life, then I post about that influence.. that inspiration, as corny as it may be. Otherwise, I just don’t post anything.

Either way, thanks for shedding a little light on this. It was humorous to read as well.. Bonus!!

See ya around on the chain :-)

Phew... thanks for including me in your post! Honestly when I started reading your article, I had this feeling of impending boom that mine was not good enough. I put a lot of effort into that introduction article - writing doesn't come naturally for everyone! I took my time at the start and noticed something: the posts who were light in content and done on the fly were not earning anything. Those who had some thought put in them did better. So that's what I tried.

I also read your other post on the second and third posts and it confirms what I expected. That introduceyourself tag gives you a nice little boost, but then you really have to work at it. I guess consistency is the name of the game. I'll see how it goes!

I also read your other post on the second and third posts and it confirms what I expected.

Yes, that's how it is, but don't give up.. you saw my post of $0.00 in the body of this one, we all start somewhere.

STEEM is low now but was $2.80 per token then. You have the potential of being seen more now that I ever did in March 2018.

As a greeter I see them every day, very bad ones and sometimes great ones. We as @heyhaveyamet and @steemterminal advice and give tips. So We know what you were talking about. But we are not giving up hope

As a greeter I see them every day, very bad ones and sometimes great ones.

..and we all love you for it, keep up the good work. Most of the comments on newbie posts are bots.. I know yours are more personal.

I do use parts that are the same in the message but we ( @jamerussell and I ) read all of them and the gems come to Discord steemterminal and thrive after weeks and that’s a very nice feeling!

Thanx for the compliment, made my day 😉

Very interesting stuff. I can't even remember what my first post was like. I am sure I could go back and find it, but it would probably be more shameful than anything. I think back then I probably didn't even make a dollar if I had to guess. I know that my posts after that didn't make anything until The Steem Engine started to find me. Thank goodness for them!

What's the "steem engine" you refering to?

It is was a curation group that just recently closed up shop. The supported and promoted a lot of great bloggers over the past couple of years.

Are there any left, @jaynie's #powercreative's is still running I think?

Yes, I am sort of a member of that. I haven't fully committed to it because I have so many other things going on. I don't share my posts there or anything, but I use the tag.

That was my second post, the first got me 28c!

The Steem Engine started to find me.

They found you? I had to beg to be let in... they didnt trust me as I was 'too new', unproven and would probably leave soon.

Yeah, I think so. Ethan started liking some of my posts I did about our first trip to Nashville and I got into them through that I think.

Must have been early days, the cat was really strict when I applied. 'most wont make it.., don't assume you can get in.., your likely to fail..', fun times!

That sounds about like Qurator used to be.

Ah yes I forgot about that. @brumest wouldn't let me in first time due to incited images.., I still remember!

It was nothing personal, I was just doing my part.
Actually to be in charge of talking with every @qurator's declined member only gave me a bad image and got me hated by at least half of the Steem community.
Perhaps if I didn't do it my content wouldn't be ignored by all the other curators around.

It was nothing personal, I was just doing my part.

I'm glad you did!, though I'm sure you can't remember..., you have likely done many more since then.

Haha! Same!

LOL I never actually wrote an intro post I just sort of fucked around until someone noticed but I agree steemians don’t give out votes if their is a hint of something off on your post and my gosh are their plenty of these scammers and chancers

Great content, I'm new and quite confused, this helps me a lot!

It is confusing, I'm about to write a series which will demystify a lot of things. Keep with it, you are doing OK.. some narrative with your art will help..

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Thanks for this. It should serve as an eye-opener for writers who do not want to be themselves. This is impressing on us to be original in our presentations.

This writeup by @slobberchops has started a conference that's attracting everyone. That's what a good stuff does. I doff my cap for it.

Stellar eye for fishy content, work like this is much appreciated. I wish I had more time to contribute to the blockchain in such ways. I am even more grateful for your upvotes on my content as a veteran with such a keen sense. Did I mention I am me?