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I take it for granted that I will get some retaliation for downvoting those who try to game the Steem platform. It is mostly no big deal as they just take cents and cannot harm my reputation score. One of these has been trying to remove comment rewards at the last minute for about a year, but is irrelevant.


The other is a more recent case who was spending serious Steem on votes. They had good engagement from the German community anyway, so why bother unless they are just greedy. They have stopped posting for more whilst going on a flagging spree against the good people of @steemflagrewards.

This is a critical time for Steem. We have lots of new people joining from the Tron community and we need to set a good example. At least trending is more organic these days, but we have to emphasise that this is a social platform that the community moderates for the good of all. I have offered to create accounts for new users, but I hear that Steemit are processing them in a matter of hours lately.

Buying votes is generally bad as it deprives others of rewards. If you want to promote a post then decline the rewards to show good faith. We can easily track who is buying votes, even if they do it through proxy accounts. It looks like less people are doing so these days. That is good, but we must remain vigilant.

Some people will never get it, but I have helped persuade numerous others to change their ways.

Also, be sure to vote for witnesses so the community can influence the direction of Steem. Feel free to set me as your proxy as I use all 30 of my votes.

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I have noticed that they are always there, lurking and trying new ways. Vigilance must be maintained!

Maybe they think they can sneak under the radar. Thanks for helping out.

Maybe they think they
Can sneak under the radar.
Thanks for helping out.

                 - steevc

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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i just have to check, I am patient wondering, is this a haiku?

Always a pleasure!

I’ve also started to use my downvotes. I was hesitant being that my account it fairly small and I feared retaliation. However, I think it’s more important to try to clean up Steem than fear the risk of my rewards being impacted.

Agreed! If we don't try to keep a lid on it then the ship will sink and there will be no rewards!

My thoughts exactly. Cheers buddy.

Hi dude @steevc thanks for your information 🙏👍

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I am actually shocked by the number of people who still are buying votes and that they are not getting flagged for the most part. I found a couple the other day and I was surprised to see their post rewards only to find out they were definitely buying a portion of those votes. I really thought that kind of stuff was dead and gone.

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They Who Must Not Be Named has come after me too!

I tried to persuade someone to stop bid botting with a downvote and a comment, sadly, the person wants to continue buying votes, then seo-boss downvoted my comment.

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STEVE!!! Sorry to bug you here, and off topic at that...but I have all my steem in bitrex and need 3 steem to create a community. I can't figure out how to send any steem back to you know how? or could you send me 3 steem? I'm good for it, I'll send it back on my next payout...but want to set up a community asap!!!

UPDATE...never mind, I figured out how to send myself the 3steem!

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