Binance apologises

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When I just went to Coin Telegraph the top story was Binance apologising 'to Steemit community'. The actual letter refers to Steem, as it should. They say they have completed powering down, but it will still take them 13 weeks. They still have 29 million powered up for now.


Some big accounts are still supporting the Steemit puppet witnesses. Maybe they think they stand to gain from the changes Justin wants. Several big supporters I have seen are in Korea or other Asian countries. There does seem to be a bit of a divide between the Asian communities and the English speaking ones. I think Steem should be for the whole world, but anyone who is seen to be exploiting low value content for profit ought to expect downvotes and removing that function would be very bad for Steem.

For now there is stalemate between Steemit and the true community witnesses. Neither can force through a hardfork. From what I hear both sides may be buying Steem and exchanges powering down will make more available.

We are not out of the woods yet.

Steem on and stay strong. Toss a vote to your witnesses.

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I don't like how these stories are still calling the hostile takeover alleged. It totally was. I feel like they are still trying to sugar coat it a little to avoid calling a spade a spade.

The media don't like to burn bridges. Of course we can say what we like in Steem posts, but I'm not going to resort to personal attacks like some have.

From what I have read and seen in a few post it seems that the Koreans are not adverse to down votes at all, they agree with down votes when it is part of the reasons specified to down vote such as plagiarism, scam and abuse. I think it is more likely they are like many that do not tolerate the random down vote with *not explanation, such as the 15 SP down vote army bots hand out, even if the down votes are meaningless in the eyes of those that have large amounts of SP. It is the *thought that counts to them, and to many people like myself.

If someone were to offer to them a solution such as I and many others have proposed to a check box and an auto comment from the down voter as to why, then they may be willing to start to talk about the over-all perceived idea that the Koreans are against all down votes and want a free reign.


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Those 15SP account downvotes are meaningless. I get plenty and just ignore them. I assume they have delegation from Steemit who could take it away if they cared. People should complain to them about it.

I'm just going by what I have heard. There isn't time to keep up with what everyone is doing, but thanks for the update.

They are against economic retaliation for bidbot misuse, vote trading and selling.

They said it in their proposal.

They may be persuaded to remove free downvotes, but we already went through that and it sucked.

Minimum SP and rep, for downvoting, increased RC requirement, an an active post or comment would be good. I also think enabling captchas for comments (or increase RC to avoid) is another idea to reduce spam.

"To the victor go the spoils." I wonder if the Steem community had not put up such a strong, successful fight would we be getting any apology. I doubt it. We won this round. Binance's tune may change in the next round.

We're getting some reasonable write-ups in the crypto press and it makes Justin look bad. His fans seem very loyal though. Unfortunately it could be a clash of egos and nobody wants to give up.

A clash of egos is unfortunately the reason for many of our wars throughout history. If we throw in a romantic interest or a scorned lover we will screwed for sure :D

Better later than never.

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