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It is the beginning of another month and that means another #SPUD opportunity. This is a Steem Power Up Day instigated by @streetstyle. There are prizes to be won for taking part, but I am inelligible for those due to my SP and rep. I will power up anyway as it increases the influence I can have on Steem.

Power up

This is not a huge one, but it takes me over 25,000 SP. I believe that takes me almost half-way to orca. I say almost as I think it is based on 'vests'. I have 49 million of those and orca is at 100 million. I do not anticipate being an orca any time soon. I am not totally sure what my vote is worth. Steem Now says 9c (for 80% VP) and Steempeak says 16c. Should Steem rocket in price then it will be more significant, but so will everyone else. It would be more if I did not have SP delegated to things like @tenkminnows for which I take no rewards, but they help the community.

This extra Steem came from using the Stellar Lumens I got in the Keybase airdrop. I already used some previously and have a little more in my wallet. To convert that to Steem I sent it to my Wirex debit card, converted to Litecoin and used Blocktrades to turn that into Steem. It is a little convoluted, but I do not think I lose too much along the way and it only took a few minutes.

I manage to earn a few hundred Steem each month from posts and curation, so I may add a few thousand over this year which I plan to power up. I may add another couple of thousand in other SPUD events depending on my personal finances. I have no desperate need to withdraw Steem, but I appreciate others need it to get by. I you can spare the money then powering up some Steem spreads the reward voting. You can also use that power to downvote some of the blatant abuse to free up more rewards for deserving people.

Do what you can to make Steem great!

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Yeaaaaa join the "h-orca" club! (or "whore-ca" if your feeling spud-x-rated lol!

I just powered on up as well after getting the spud fever although like you, not eligible for any prizes but that's not the reason for me doing it.

I actually don't know how to send steem to binance and then exchange to fiat but I have no intention of doing that for a long time. With steem still really cheap, it's the time to accumulate imo 💪

Yes, it's not really worth powering down now, but you can buy more an earn more for the good times to come!

Onwards and upwards!

Dammit, I was going to be more conservative with my spending but you just made me want to buy up again 😂

The more steem that's distributed to the user network the better really - more specifically, those who engage in activities that are best for the long term sustainability of the steem platform

Great milestone Steve, and you continue to be a good influence and inspiration to others.

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Nice work man. 25k is huge and 50k will be a snap for you as you are all in, produce great content, and have a great network.

Our individual spuds don't make a huge difference but uniting with all those others doing the same thing will gather more and more momentum. Stack it up and lock it away!

As well as locking the Steem away we help spread the rewards. Slowly we decrease the influence of the whales.

Thanks for participating and supporting #spud @steevc This #spudx is turning out amazing!

Well done, lol half way to orca with you! Now thats some putting your money and effort where your mouth is, I guess we need big boys like you if we're going to clean up this place and make it fun and less of an abuse for rewards

Cheers, but this is still small beer really. Need a few crypto investors to buy a few thousand Steem each and put it to work.

That’s my plan too ive got a few other sat stacking investments going not just going to hodl or try to price swing trade I’m happy with slow and steady I don’t need the money now in any case

Halfway to Orca is a pretty significant achievement @steevc, well done on that!

I've been holding on to some liquidity because I have a "required" business trip coming up in a few months, and may need to cash in everything I own to fund it... but if it turns out I can fund it from other sources, I will hopefully be able to power up a couple of thousand Steem by then... life at the edge of poverty is not much fun...

Other things may have to take priority over this Steem thing for some and I fully understand that. I am really just playing with this and am not spending too much on it. I have been lucky to earn so well up to now, but that is partly down to getting on here every day and talking to people. I enjoy the social side.

Wish you all the best.

Only thing I can do right now is getting back posting :)

I look forward to that. Hope all is well with you.

I have started again... yesterday :) Danish tax authorities can't decide what to do with crypto and as they have been hit by some mighty scandals lately and nothing is working I suddenly found myself having to pay for using Steemit due to a decision by a minor clerk which in my economy is a little tight. I will find a way to use this place. The money was always secondary to presenting my art, but the stupidity of the system has just been pretty demoralizing.

I'm probably not gonna be able to rawk the SPUD like in the past.. but really love the initiative..

Keep using Steem and you can power up anyway.

I love the initiative. Congratulation!

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Congrats on the power up. That is pretty awesome. I am going to hold off on mine until the next month I think. I want to be able to push my account past a significant number like 9000, 9500, or 10,000 something like that.

Hitting milestones is fun and may make for a more interesting post. I will keep buying some Steem when I can and may just do it to line up with SPUD.