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It was a wild few days.

Yesterday, we heard from the Steemit Inc team. @andrarchy did an interview which helped to clarify some things.

The takeaway from all of this is that Justin Sun did not buy Steemit Inc to get a bunch of Tron blockchain developers. He already has that. The value of the team is to keep working on Steem.

This is very encouraging news. Many feared the worst based upon the initial tweets that were sent out.

Essentially, it looks like business as usual for the Steemit Inc team and the community at large. The big difference is there is a new owner of the company.


In listening to Andrarchy speaking, it sounds like Ned went from being an unsuccessful leader due to being ADD to completely disinterested. He was also able to mix in a great deal of inability to make decisions while suffering tremendous financial restraints.

Ultimately, even though things were able to turn around some in 2019 with a focus on cost cutting, the organization was never able to get to the "thrive" stage.

It appears Ned was in over his head.

None of that matters anymore. He is officially gone from Steemit Inc. If he sticks around, it will be as a community member, one he was not very active in.

The switch to Justin Sun owning Steemit Inc is a major transition. One other major thing I got out of the interview is the fact that Andrarchy said that if Sun is presented with an idea he likes, his approach is "go go go". This is a benefit of having someone who does not have the money issues that plagued Steemit Inc for so long.

The team was also caught off guard a bit by what took place. They had an idea that talks were being conducted and that a contract was signed yet did not know about Sun until the news broke. We can only imagine the range of emotions they had with fear for their jobs placed upon everything else that was swirling out there.

Fortunately, the Steemit Inc team is remaining in place. They took a lot of abuse for the community over the years and, it is becoming clearer, unfairly so. It all started from the top. It is hard to accomplish much when the focus is constantly being switched from project to project.

While we can never fully know what the intentions are, it does appear that some assurances were made to keep a lot the same. The major difference is there is some money and a marketing team in place. Sun is known for garnering attention and that will only help Steem.

About 14 months ago, the community learned of the dire straights that Steemit Inc was in when it came out that 70% of the employees were being let go. What resulted, in my opinion, was a strengthening of the community. Over the next couple months, people got together to ensure that the platform would not die.

I witnessed the same thing this weekend. When the thought of being Steem being threatened arose, people got active. Essentially, you could say a line in the sand was drawn. There is no way the community was going to let what we worked so hard on being taken and destroyed.

That does not appear to be the case. There is new leadership at the top of Steemit Inc. This could present a grand opportunity. Whatever money was laid out is seeking a return. With so much STEEM owned, it is only in Sun's best interest for Steem to become massively successful.


For that to happen, it is time for everyone to do what they do best. Each of us has a role here. The Steemit Inc team, is seems, has the blessing to keep on the path they were in terms of bringing out updates and features that will separate Steem from all other blockchains.

Ned was one of the founders of Steem and for that I am grateful. However, things went awry the last couple years and, sometimes, it is best for all to move on. I wish him well in whatever he decides to pursue.

For now, we all can stand behind the partnership (merger, acquisition) and see where it goes. One of the biggest benefits out of the uncertainty this weekend is how quickly the community can respond and the force behind it. Make no mistake, this goes far beyond bags of tokens. There are a lot of people here who have the feeling that this is "home". Thus, when it is threatened, the response is powerful.

The strength of the community will only serve us well going forward. In the past, one of the major complaints was that our voice "fell on deaf ears". That is not going to happen again. I think it is evident we made our feelings known on Friday going into Saturday. As a community, we are much stronger than we were a couple years ago.

After a numbers of days being distracted, the focus can now revert back to making Steem one of the best platforms in the decentralized world. Of course, going overlooked is the fact that Communities is going to be released in the next week or two.

That is one update we waited a long time for.

It is possible, with the new players involved, we see things moving at a much faster pace now. Sun is not one to sit around and wait for things to happen. While that can take us out on the ledge at times, it is a much better approach than being stuck in neutral for years like we were.

The future is very bright with Steem.

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I have been away from steemit for over a year now but often come back to drop a post. Not that it has ever done well but that is to be expected due to my lack of socialising throughout the platform.
I have now had my steemit spark reignited of late and have started where I left off.
Anyways my point of all this is that since I disconnected, a lot has happened and it will take me some considerable time to catch-up but this post was a great read in which I mean it is very informative for me to understand what and where the platform is today.
Hard for me to say if I’m excited as I have so not really have any substance to base that sort of feeling on. But what I can say based on what you have posted is that Justin has may have just stopped the titanic from striking an ice burg and now has the wheel to sail is to the promised land.

Fantastic read and great to be back on board

Welcome back @father2b.

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The question I still have is the "The STEEM token will be migrated to TRON network" aka "Token Swap" (I'm paraphrasing)... are those tweets/quotes incorrect? Did @JustinSteemit change his mind? Maybe he saw the backlash from the community and decided to throw @Ned under the bus (maybe even with @Ned's blessing and using @andrarchy to make it appear more legit).

Either way... this post makes things look a little more positive, and I'm off to go look for the interview you mention.

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Well said :D

It's probably partially due to the fact we are the same age, but—unpopular opinion maybe—I feel like I can really relate to Ned. I know what it's like to take on projects that are way too big to handle, struggle with the communication skills to coordinate a team, and try to maintain inner motivation in the face of continued external setbacks.

Couple that with having too many different interests, opening up new initiatives and then not being able to see them through, not knowing when or how to throw in the towel, being in denial, etc.

Like you said, I wish him all the best. Hopefully he will be able to enjoy using STEEM once it is (fingers crossed) better-developed and -marketed because better-funded. I am ecstatic to see a change in leadership, especially as the Steemit team stays intact.

The interview with @andrarchy left me wondering: what of the 70% of the team that was cut, and/or what about hiring new talent? I'm guessing @justinsunsteemit has not gotten that far along, but I'm curious!

He did mention the idea of adding more developers just to add more developers has not worked out well in the past. I would imagine as they are needed, they will be added.

The marketing might be handled, in large part, by the Tron people. They already have an infrastructure in place which seems rather effective. Just a guess on my part but it seems to make sense.

Ned might be able to enjoy Steem more (now or down the road) without the headache of having to answer for everything that happens. Overwhelm seems to be the applicable term.

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You may have seen me post this already, but this goes with something I said the other day, which was..

”The name can change, but the relationships we have built here as Steemans is very unique, and not something you'll find on most if any social networks. We share NEW creative content, great ideas, and give no attention to negativity. We are not a blockchain, we are not a website, we are a group of thriving crypto enthusiasts that looked for more and found each other.“

I see this as a test - the moment of truth if you like - for Steem. Hell, even for the entire crypto currency universe.
What happens to Steemit Inc is more or less irrelevant. What really counts is, what happens to the Steem. Not the Steem value, that went up or down all the time. But the question is, can the Steem get touched. Can it get disolved, or can holders get forced to change it into some other coin?
If the answer is "yes", the whole talking about the safety of cryptos, store of value, untouchable by decentralisation, and so on, is exposed as a lot of BS.
I know a number of people who believe in Steem and who have invested a lot of their own money, unlike me. It would be very annoying to see them lose their investment.
And as I said, it would cast a very bad light on to the entire crypto world.

All good points.

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If he sticks around, it will be as a community member, one he was not very active in.

If he sticks around? He hates to take part in this community, haha... I doubt he'd get many votes as a regular user...

With so much STEEM owned, it is only in Sun's best interest for Steem to become massively successful.

Nope. It's Sun best interest that Tron become massively successful.

And steemit is just part of the plan.

The questions is if he will do this supporting or abandoning steem as it is today.

Disagree. He is now a large token holder in two chains. It is in his best interest make the 75 million tokens he has worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Posted via Steemleo

All he have to do is the token swap to the new Tron steem.

There... The 75 million steem are now on the tron blockchain, Wich will have full support, including exchanges and development.

Same my opinion, it only can be good for Steem, Justin isn´t stupid, he won´t burn his own money.. So the future for steem looks mega bright.
Have a great day

ding dong, our fearless leader erased … THANK GOODNESS !!

It is quite beautiful to hear this from you. It sounds so reassuring that we are safe. Much more, seeing steem price pump again is hope revived that we perish not.

The value of the team is to keep working on Steem.

This is one of the best news. However, are we not left with the fears that they might be directed towards another direction by the "new Boss'?

Of course, going overlooked is the fact that Communities is going to be released in the next week or two.

My trust for SUn's sincerity would be triggered if we see a Tron community created by Tron and they also mine Tron as a token here on Steem. What do you think?

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Do you think Justin will be active here ?

no he will not

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Dclik wow . You can help me

All of this sounds very positive. Very for this informative, concise write up. It's nice to see how the somewhat stormy waters are now returning to a mere ripple ( crypto pun not intended )

That is a lovely image to demonstrate steem os more than steemit. It does look a little out of date. From my understanding magicdice lost their magic amd a few others there are also less relevant forbwhatever reasons.

In anycase, I agree with what you say mostly. I think we don't need to rely on steemit.

Apps are going to come and go. Not all will be successful for various reasons.

Nevertheless, there are going to be many that will be.

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Thank you for this, it's really the most positive take I've seen.
A lot of "ideas" people are not also "follow through" people, and that seems to be the case with Ned. I feel like if "ideas guy" was a job, he'd excel at it. I wish him well, but am glad it seems we have a "doer" person at Stinc now, and hope things improve!

It is good to think positive thoughts, but it is also naive to believe everything we are told.

If he has plans we would not like, can we really expect him to come out and say so---especially after the last fork (for blocking him?)

I would say we cooperate on all that makes this a better community/platform, but keep our feet on the ground and question everything.

Nobody has the right to survive - you have to fight for your tiny corner of this univerrse.