Accepting Steem as Payment?

in steem •  2 months ago 

I've been trying to figure out if accepting Crypto in general is a good idea and if so if accepting Steem a smart business move. While I'd love to take Crypto getting my average everyday customers on board with this idea might be more work then it's worth.

Wondering if anyone else has done this in their retail location. If so how are you accepting payment and are you offering any sort of incentive for customers who do so?

Any help is appreciated!


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Haven is for accepting many different cryptos which is built on the OpenBazaar network

I believe while in an optimal situation someone could have crypto based store only that makes no smart business sense unless you can afford to do that, cryptos should just be an option like what kind of credit cards you will accept. There are many physical retail business' which accept crypto right now, maybe one in your home town, look here or or or

Interesting. I have indicated that if people want any of my English services, I will accept crypto. I did pay for a web hosting service in SBD and I also received Steem for a couple of little jobs I did last year. IMO it's worth considering in "the community" where people "get" it. So, what I am doing, is including it in the mix of payment options.

Hope that helps.

I think it is a pain in the arse for businesses due to the high volatility. It makes reporting of revenue a bit of a moving target.

However, there are companies like that are trying to build a link to existing payment services, but it would mean that you received fiat whilst the customer pays in crypto.

I would be using this as a way to build up crypto as a hedge against what I feel is impending massive inflation that must come from all of the stimulus money that has been pumped into the world economies. Inflation is the only way the governments of the world can possibly repay all these debts.