Celebrating My 60 Reputation on Steem!!

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So today, I woke up and discovered on steemd that my reputation on Steem has risen to 60 points. That is really exciting to me; after losing the keys and access to my previous account, I felt very reluctant and unmotivated to create a new one because I knew what it meant to be a newbie.

60 rep.png

However, because I had and still have a dream of being a great contributor and force on Steem, I could not just sit there with no steem account. I summed up courage and created this account sometimes in June last year. I felt like a newbie once again though and I did not like it.

It was not very easy starting from the scratch but I did put in a lot of effort in building the account via posting of daily blogs and engaging on others' posts. Gradually, my rep increased and I'm glad today that I have reached 60 points.

Thanks to all curators who found my posts worthy of their upvotes. I look forward to publishing more quality contents and I hope I reach the 70 point reputation in less than no time.


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We in Steemchurch Nigeria Parish are glad to identify with you and felicitate with you on your reaching the milestone 60th reputation. This is a call to more responsibility on your part to build this Church and Steem at large.

Congratulations brother @Tomlee

Pleasure is mine

Congrats bro.
You win✌✌✌

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Thank you