SteemWorld Needs Our Help! - Please Don't Abstain From Voting

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If you have been Steeming for some time, I'm confident you already know and use SteemWorld almost every day.

For those who don't know, SteemWorld is a website developed and maintained by @steemchiller and it's a complete swiss-army tool to manage your Steem Account and Operations.

This site covers it all. Your Steem Power, Current Voting Power, who Upvoted you and when, who Replied you, who Mentioned you, your Steem Engine Tokens and a lot more... just take a look at the menu...


You can also make transfers of STEEM, SBD or any other Steem Engine Token. Speaking of Tokens, you can claim and stake all of your Steem Engine Tokens with a click of a button with SteemWorld. What a fantastic feature, not even available at Steem Engine itself.

Since this is not a review of SteemWorld, I will let you explore for yourself and move on to the point of this post.


The only problem with this website is that it's developed and maintained by a single developer, @steemchiller. He doesn't do it to make a living but even so, it's not fair that he's not being paid for something we all use, specially when this takes a large amount of skill and time that he could use for something else.

Besides that, just keeping the SteemWorld website running has financial costs, which means that @steemchiller is paying from his own pocket to deliver this excellent site to the community.

The donations and his post's earnings are not enough to cover all the expenses. 😣


@steemchiller made a Proposal and is asking funding from the Steem Blockchain itself. The Proposal is up for voting and everyone should take a minute to vote. (Supporting the Proposal doesn't reduce your voting power.)

Supporting his proposal is as easy as clicking on a button, you can do that at SteemPeak, by following this link:


@steemchiller's Proposal needs to be placed above the Return Proposal #0, which you can see on the above image, in order to be approved.

This requires a few more votes but if we unite, we can do it.

How to Vote

  1. Go to;
  2. Login with your Steem Account;
  3. Click on the Button "Support" on the proposal named SteemWorld Support #33:



SteemWorld is the most important tool for newbies to learn about how the Blockchain works but also for all the veterans using it.

I think the Steem Blockchain needs to fully back up @steemchiller's Proposal since there is nothing else like it available.

We must ensure that @steemchiller's Proposal gets approved with flying colours.

I ask you, please take a couple of seconds to help this cause. It won't take you longer than 2 minutes. Don't abstain. Be a part of the Steem Blockchain.


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Schön dass du ihn so unterstützt! Werde nachher auch zusehen dass ich das hinbekommen 😁👍

I had to translate that. German isn't my thing. Thanks for the support.

I already support SteemWorld project, and use it for many things I need
I hope he can get it

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Getting my vote, I love SteemWorld!!!

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Thanks a lot.

Already voted as soon as it came out. And my friends too.
Hope everyone does the same.

Thanks for the help!

Supporting it since the beginning of course. Thanks for this. Everyone can help.

Thank you. Most people don't even know that these proposals exist. It's a strange new world and we're all still adapting. 😂

Resteemed :-)

Thank you very much.

It has my support, although it is not much.

Like we say over here, it's better than nothing. 😉


Heya, thanks for the heads up. I had already voted for it, but my "support" wasn't shown on there. Glad it is now.

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Nice. Together, we are stronger. 💪

Well, seems like someone removed their vote?

In any case only 120K SP is required, I am sure by tomorrow his proposal will be above the return proposal. You have my support @steemchiller...long ago :)

Yes, it has fallen down recently... let's see if we can get it up there again. 😉

I think I voted him because yeah I'm using steemworld. That's my way in showing support, but let me check it again to make sure. Thanks for this.

Nice. A lot of little fish can be stronger than a single shark. 😉

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Hey @trincowski, here is a little bit of BEER from @musicvoter for you. Enjoy it!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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Done! For someone(thing) so deserving!

He is one of the people that automatically gets a vote from me :)

Thanks. That's awesome. However, supporting this Proposal is more important for the project than upvoting his posts. I hope many people realise that and back it up. 😎

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SteemWorld is far too valuable a resource to go unsupported. Get around it people.

Thanks, together we can overcome the whales! 😉

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SteemWorld is aweome! I use it all the time, especially when Ginabot stops working for whatever reason. It should be supported. I have.

Yesterday night the proposal was back above water! 😁

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has my vote for sure. Some of the things proposed are just worthless or worse potentially seriously damaging. This is a project that deserves to be funded.

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re steeming here!

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Thank you!

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done ;-) ... a little bit ;-)

The Return Proposal has 13.5 Million already. I hope people realise that's too high and remove some votes from it.

If you can't get funding from the DAO, do you have a plan B? Like, let's say, closing down the website behind a login/password, as a subscription model?

Totally agree that the cutoff is too high - especially with the people that leave from time to time for whatever reason. SteemWorld is excellent and I take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and dedication! Not sure when I voted for your proposal, but I see it's already done for me. (I probably did it the first time I saw it whenever that was.)