What happens to our platform and the community that was here before HF21?

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Some of my friends here disappeared completely, some just chose to give Curation to others and comment. Why did they stop blogging after HF21 arrived?


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I feel we have lost something here with the social we had before HF21, what do you think about that?

Do you have any thoughts on the hard flagging that is now and whether it is affecting our stock market price because many people seem to sell their holdings?


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What do you think about the year 2020 we will rise on the stock exchange or fall to zero, or we will see major acquisitions on the stock exchange when the price becomes low enough. Could there be a plan behind it all?


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Smart Media Tokens, what do you think about it.
Will it help create a good future on our platform?

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hope community wont die

hi @kingscrown
I think the year 2020 will show where we stand

Ya, it has been like a extinction of some sort of a lot of the original whales. Some of which told me they were just feed up with Neds inability to get it done. Others lost interest

yes @bigram13, it has happened.
the year 2020 will show how the future will be

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you. I thank you very much for the curation that you have provided. I am very happy. Thank you very much.

In my opinion, a big influence that makes people stop because of the very low price of steem. and that is caused by evil users who continue to rape the pool of steem prizes and sell them in very large quantities.

indeed there is a small percentage of people stopping because of hf21. but in my opinion it's only a small part. and in my opinion with the hf21, it will be better for steem. although it will affect some people to stop.

Because after hf21, many bad users are turned off. and I saw them get depressed and start selling all the steem they had. and that's very good. than they remain active and continue to hurt steem.

I'm sure the price of steem will increase after the bad users sell all the steels they have. this is just my opinion.

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hi @aulia1993

I hope you are right,
but there are many big accounts that run powerdown and affect the course
it will take some time before we can possibly see a rising course again

We can do nothing without hope & also holding steem.
I hope that 2020 will be the evolution of steemit.😍

yes @muhammad007,
we must still have faith in Steemit for the year 2020

I don't know why reward split was changed from 75/25 to 50/50........what was the rationale behind this particular change?

Hi @banzzara

the meaning was good, it should create more voices for authors from multiple users.
But for now, I can't see it helping the small accounts here

I hope next year all going good.

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For me the fault is undoubtedly the flags, since the white letter was given to the flags anyone gives it without thinking of the damaged damage.

I agree with you @teresah

I hope it's good with your community and platform

Hi @ferizam

to be honest my feelings are a bit divided for the platform now

nothing is same after this HF literally no engagement at all impacted lot of users very sad

I agree with you @blazing

Hi @xpilar, you are right there are many people stopped posting, HF21 is one of the reason but the other major one is low price of Steem and that situation is taking too long, I hope people will not lose their hope in this platform and Steem as a crypto. It would be a shame as it is one of the Crypto that allows people not only communicate with each other but also to earn their own Steem if they do not have initial capital but they can get more if they put their efforts, positive energy and show their creative ideas.

I find that the reputation of Steem as cryptocurrency is not fully recognized and unfortunately there are indeed there are not many people who know it and just in this situation it is not attractive for new people as they do not know the whole opportunity that the Steem platform gives us.

I my opinion, we need to stay till the end, no matter what end it will be, just believe in Steem and do our best and do not give up :)

yes @stef1,
we must still have faith in Steemit for the year 2020
and that my feelings for the platform are rising again

The essence of Steemit has been lost a little, one of the purposes that must have the platform is to assess the talent shown by users, ultimately Steemit managers are allowing malicious users to leave their negative votes without leaving a comment showing the reasons for the punishment, it is obvious that there is a lack of attention to this case, which is affecting many and therefore generates incorformity. raise your voice against the saboteurs.

I agree with you @adeljose

I have no idea about it,but i hope and believe that in 2020 platform wil be rise

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yes @nevlu123,
we must still have faith in Steemit for the year 2020

Dear @xpilar

I only had a chance to read your publication a moment ago. I wonder if you will still check out comment section. Perhaps you won't so I will keep it nice and short:

HF21 was indeed an earthquake and many of those who used to be present, are no longer with us. There isn't many new faces, but at least it seem that large group of loyal steemians is here to stay.

Downvote abuse is absolutely awful. It does force more and more users to abandon this platform and spread awful messages to the world about current state of this platform. And nothing can be done with it :(

I also think that many users were encouraged to read and comment, because they could be "rewarded" with their comment being upvoted. Which isn't the case any more. I personally liked idea of showing my appreciation to author of comment. Result: even less engagement is happening now.

What do you think about the year 2020

If SMT will be failure, then STEEM is ... done. That's my opinion. In case SMTs will be succesful then I would consider more interest coming back to our blockchain. Wouldn't you agree?

Thank you for your latest comment. Please check out also my recent post if you have few min (also related to my trip to Switzerland, just from more personal point of view):

Your feedback is always appreciated ;)
Yours, Piotr

thank's for your feedback @crypto.piotr

SMT is probably the best that can help our platform in the future.

From the time it became clear that the HF was going to go through until now, the price of steem is down significantly. Number of posts, number of comments, number of votes, number of active users, and basically any data that you can measure is all down significantly from the time the HF was announced until now. Would that have all gone down anyways or was it all due to the HF? I have my opinions, but it's really impossible to say for sure.

Yes @planter, it shows it in all the reports and it worries me.
I hope those who manage this make the right choices and that 2020 will be the year that makes the platform great again

These flaggers do more damage when the victims decided to get disheartened and then sell their holdings. @xpilar

yes @cryptopie,
it is very sad to see it happen

Flagging make some Account holders disappoint.
I hope SMTs may raise Steem price or platform.

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Hi @golden.future

I hope SMTs may raise Steem price or platform.

Could there be a plan behind it all?
low price and then the big acquisitions on the stock exchange when SMT is used

I am very sad with the situation that feels increasingly deteriorating. When I joined Steem I saw a lot of posting comments and new account growth and was immediately active.
Beginning with the declining price of STeem, if there is an HF, the situation cannot improve.
Like now, it seems that the owner of a large SP can act arbitrarily, including in conducting downvotes. Victims of downvote then suffer and choose to leave this platform. This should immediately get the right treatment. Bring Steem to a better direction. Maybe there needs to be another HF to organize everything.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

yes @rokhani there was a different atmosphere here before HF.

Where you could also get good upvote on a comment.
Now it is not profitable to give an upvote for a comment anymore. So we see that the number of comments also goes down.

You are right. I know many Steemian then make a comment wit a great story such @amart. i noticed him very much. Even I always see who is the commentor who get big reward on you post.
And now when you made a competition on your art work, I still and keep my post as a comment on your post. fortunately you and your team give upvote too.
Thank you @xpilar
Thank you @reflektor
Thank you @hingsten
thank you @bippe
Thank you @sultan-aceh
You make me stand in this platform. I will work harder by you support.
Warm regard from Indonesia

thank you @rokhani for your kind words

This is the impact of steem prices that continue to decline.

Yes @elianaelisma,
the market decides

I hope, hopefully in 2020 there will be a surprise, so that makes us even more excited in working on Steemit. success for @xpilar 😊

Yes, I hope so @midiagam
we like surprises when they are positive

Ok, @xpilar, thank for sharing, you is the best 👍👍👍

You are welcome, @xpilar 😊

Congratulations @xpilar!
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@xpilar, I am Full Time Steemian and always Bullish about the Steem because at the end of the day this space is driven by People.

Yes, it have it's deep flaws and great positives. In a way on Steem Environment we see the Reflection of all life aspects. Stay blessed.

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