Steem is beatiful, there is hope for steem to grow with your support. Help me with your support.

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Steem is beatiful, although I have challenges, I have steem on mind.

For some days I haven't been online, 'no one checked on me.' But I am good as everyone has one challenge or the other they are facing too. No one is without a battle.

I have a lot to say, I have a lot to do.

I couldn't even follow up on the last person I registered. And I have not been able to go on my outreach for steem.


I was planning a steem meet-up in December but I am not buoyant. Would love to gather both new and old steemians together and make some strategic plans with them for the growth of steem in 2020.

'Now I am not buoyant for such announcement. But I will overcome.'

I need your support and help! But I have faith in God. If God touches your heart, please help me!

I've been consistent on Steem on daily basis. But recently, I am going through challenges. Only God can help and he will help me.

I have done many beautiful works on Steem. I will do even more!

When I come out strong, I'll testify and resume my works on steem.

I'll make a great history.

*Its deeper than what I'm typing right now."

Thanks to those who care and will Still care.

I am not defeated, I can not be defeated! I have a God! I am '@adesojisouljay'

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