“Powered By Steem!” A Unique Opportunity For Steem2020!

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In October 2020, I am going to participate in the Challenged Athletes triathlon in La Jolla, CA! I am going to be a part of a team, that includes my pilates instructor and personal trainer! The triathlon includes, a 1 mile swim, a 10 mile “run,” and a 44 mile bike ride!

The entry fee is pretty hefty, so I am going to start fundraising soon. My Physical Therapist Office is raising funds and I’m planning to create a website to document my journey.

I also want to incorporate Steem! I plan to promote Steem on my website and blog about my journey. I will also be making team t-shirts... Perhaps, “Powered By Steem!”

I’m hoping to get other adaptive athletes interested in Steem, more specifically, @actifit!

So this is my plan for 2020 and my entry for @pennsif’s contest for Steem2020! I know this idea is a little “out of the box,” but it’s exciting to me!

My plan is a living organism that will evolve throughout the year. I am open to any ideas on how to better use this unique opportunity to promote this awesome Blockchain!

Occasionally, I will be posting fundraising post and more details will follow...

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..yesss!..and the steem goes on...do it!..up.. follow you..and would like to support this project..resteemed!..thank you!..

Thank you for entering the Steem2020 contest.

An unusual approach but interesting.

Good luck!

Nice initiative! Goodluck!

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