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The book of Esther has a tremendous history and a learning as few, talks about a King who had a Queen called Vasti, was a very beautiful woman and he felt very proud of her, however the King sent her to call and she He didn't want to go to that call.

This attitude of Vasti caused indignation in the King, who asked for advice and agreed to expel the Queen.

Esther 2: 9
And the maiden pleased his eyes, and found grace in front of him, for which he quickly made clothing and food, and also gave him seven special maidens of the king's house; and took her with her maids to the best of the women's house.
Reina -Valera 1960

One of the things that catches my attention in this story is that the book mentions several times that Esther found delegating grace from men, means that the favor of the almighty was upon her, at this time there are many valuable women like Esther, those who are there taking care of your home, loving people, and serving with love in the work of Christ, for you woman comes a time of honor from God.

That anointing that was poured out on Esther is also about the life of women of conquest today, says the word that the King loved Esther more than all women and made her queen.

King Ahasuerus was looking for a different beauty and although Esther was beautiful physically there was something that differentiated her from all others, and this difference made her divine favor.

Esther's heart was from heaven and that is why her beauty was inner, which captivated the King. Although we see a love story between a young woman and a King, we also see that the King no longer wanted physical beauty, it was in In search of something that would change his life and fill him with love, God in the book of Esther is represented by the inner beauty of a woman who changed the history of a people and the life of a man.

Read this passage when the King shows his love for Esther, taking out the scepter, today the King of Kings that is Jesus Christ is calling Esther to show her favor.

Esther 5
5 And it came to pass that on the third day Esther put on her royal garment, and went into the inner court of the king's house, opposite the king's room; and the king was sitting on his throne in the royal chamber, in front of the door of the chamber.
2 And when he saw Queen Esther who was in the courtyard, she obtained grace before his eyes; and the king extended to Esther the golden scepter in his hand. Then Esther came and touched the tip of the scepter.
3 The king said: What do you have, Queen Esther, and what is your request? Up to half of the kingdom will be given to you.
Reina-valera 1960

If God made great feats with Esther, he can also do it with you, in the place where you are, it is not by chance, it is with a divine purpose that will be fulfilled to reach souls. God has spoken that there are many women chosen for this time. all those brave today says: "reign Esther ...."

My question is: what's your name?

Just as you have a physical name; you also have a name in the spiritual world; the demons who have Jesus and we know Pablo; but today the demons must also know who are the "Hadasa" or Ester of this time.

There are women that the enemy has wanted to push back, but today we must know who we are in Christ, it is time to advance women of the kingdom.


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Women of the kingdom, it could not have been said better,
as always very successful in your reflections Darlenys. Excellent work, very good publication.