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Today while having my money devotion, I read from Matthew 1:1- 25 since my aim is to finished up the new testament before the year is out.
So I had to take a look at the book of Matthew.

Lessons I got from it

Lesson 1:-

God knows our names, imagine taking time enlist all the names affiliated with Jesus Christ.
I saw King David's name, King Solomon's name, and I even got to know that Ruth was the great grandmother of King David, the prostitute who saved the 12 spies.
Indeed God keeps record of both our wrong and bad. He knows our names no matter how many people are on earth.

Lesson 2:-

No matter who you were in the world, no matter how dirty you feel you are, with Jesus you are somebody. Who would have thought that a whore could be amongst the lineage or genealogy of Jesus.
God is to be feared.

Lesson 3:-

The bible say in verses 19

  1. Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.

That means even when Joseph that his fiancée was pregnant he vowed in his heart never to make fun or jest of her or better still make ridicule of her or make her a public shame.

How many men will do that today?
Joseph was so sure that it wasn't his seed that she was carrying because he was sure he never slept with her, but yet he vowed and proposed not to disgrace her.
What manner of man he was.
Most men would not do that, but Joseph did.

Lesson 4:-

Joseph never, I mean never touched Mary till she gave birth to Jesus.
Imagine taking care of a woman that is not carrying your child. Imagine staying for month without kissing, touching, romancing, or playing anyhow with your wife, I mean the one you pay all the complete dowry, I think the married people here can explain how such experience could really be.

Even boyfriends and girlfriends are touching each other how much more married couple, I mean legally married couple.
When I read this today I saw down to really analyze and I saw that Joseph over tried.

I am sure if if was in our today's world his friends, relatives, even church members, colleague at work place would have call him fool, In Nigeria some part will call him ,zombie, mumu, ishi etc. And I am quite sure that Joseph wouldn't have responded. If I saw him I would have clapped for him. I also thank God for Mary too that never persuade Joseph to go against God's will because even if Angel told Joseph all those things and Mary on hearing still persist on him touching her, I am sure he would have yielded, but thanks to Mary too.

I stop to ask how often do you support your spouse dream as a married person, how often, don't be in a rush, think before answering.

If you are guilty of anything said in this writeup, it wouldn't be bad if you bow your head and talk to your creator.
God knows your name so stop crying he will surely come to aid, Amen.

I am


Thanks for having time to visit my blog.

I heart you all💜💜💜.

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❤❤ The fear of Jehovah principle of wisdom!!

Thanks for sharing deep lessons. Indeed there are ernomous blessings we receive when we revere God. Thank you for sharing to #sc-n.