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Reading passage:-
Matthew 7:1-5

Lesson 1:-

  • Avoid judging people, so that you won't be judged.
  • Avoid criticizing people least same will be done unto you.
    You know one funny thing about life, if you are good at criticizing people then even when no one is criticizing you, you will be thinking in your subconscious that, that's what is being dine at your back.
    So stop feeling people are criticizing you, then stop criticizing others.


Lesson 2:-

  • First check yourselves before checking others.
    Its really fun though that most people feel the are saints while others are unclean. You will see someone that masturbate condemning someone that fornicate for crying out loud are you too not the same? Why not pray for God to help you seize masturbation before going to advise someone that fornicates.

This passage reminds of a woman that scolds young boys and girls that dresses indecent to dress well but yet her children are absolutely nothing to write home about, please how do we call that one, isn't it busy body, or better still a Nosy Parker, prying into other peoples affair?
Its really gets me worried how people will live removing the beam from your eye but yet goes to remove the mote in their brother's eye.
Change, change and again I say change, its never a good attitude.

May God help us, Amen.

I am


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People can judge way too much and doing so can distract people and pull people away from certain priorities, goals, that people should focus on more and more.