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There are numerous opportunities which the Lord dangles before His children, earmarked to catapult them unto lofty heights in life; but, a lot of God’s people miss out of such glorious opportunities. These opportunities may not always be there, but when they come, it is expected of us to catch unto them, apply ourselves accordingly and experience the lift divinely earmarked for us.

We are told in the fifth chapter of John’s gospel that an angel from the Lord went into the pool of Bethesda at certain seasons to trouble the water and whosoever after the troubling of the water stepped in, was healed of whatsoever disease he had. It was an opportunity given to men to be healed of whatever ailment they had.

God is a God of times and seasons. My earnest prayer for you is that when your season of change comes, may you be sensitive enough to identify and plug into it in Jesus name. there are opportunities, the Lord dangles before men in answer to their prayer, but, they ignore such opportunities because of what they have set their minds on in view of what they expect from God. They ignore such divinely motivated opportunities, choosing to remain in the place of prayer and all such prayers have turned into everlasting prayers; making it look as if prayer doesn’t work. Prayer works!


The great woman of Shunem in 2 Kings 4 must have prayed and believed God for the fruit of the womb and nothing seemed to have worked, until she applied herself to an opportunity which was divinely instigated. She noticed the frequency with which Elisha passed her place and she perceived he was a holy man of God.

She agreed with her husband and they made an accommodation in their home for the refreshment of God’s servant, whenever he passed that way. That was it; Elisha was overwhelmed and he rolled out a prophetic word that met her long expected desire. It was her opportunity and she seized it for great results. Discover yours and your change will show up.

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