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Everyone has an appointment with destiny, whether you keep it is a different matter all together. Your appointment with destiny is the point where you are made to contact God’s agenda for your life. Many fall even before they get to the point of making this contact. Some fall at the verge of making this contact while others hold on to the point of making this contact.

Many die without making this contact. This is the reason why the graveyard is sometimes referred to as a very rich arena; a place of buried destinies. Thank God! We are not them that draw back, but of them that remain to the point of a gainful contact with destiny.

Joseph kept a date with destiny. He was a man with a divine agenda for his life. It showed clearly in the dreams and revelations he had very early in life. Though it tarried, it showed up. The life of Joseph stands as a symbol that destiny could be delayed, but it cannot be denied. Many are not able to go through the process or time, keeping date with their divinely appointed paths in life. They become so worn out that, they turn to give themselves over to all manner of vices which eventually strip them off this all important appointment.

Joseph stayed on to the point of contact and he was enthroned as governor in a strange land. God is no respecter of persons. If you will learn to hold on, despising the lustful appeals of sin, you will live to contact your own throne. The pressure of sin could be terrible; but where sin abound, grace did much more abound. Nothing cuts men off their divinely appointed path as much as a life of sin. Joseph refused to bask on the “bed” of sinfulness with his master’s wife; hence, he made it to the point of enthronement.

When you learn to turn down the overtures of sin and evil,
no matter the personality involved and the gains the offer,
your appointment with destiny will come true.

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