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You will often time discover that the clue to solving a mathematical equation lies in a particular factor that is said to be the constant. If the constant factor is not stated; then you are in for a hard time trying to solve an everlasting equation. It is a constant because it proffers a bearing to enable you tackle the question. With it; equations, no matter how complex, becomes surmountable.

There is no situation beyond your handling ability as a child of God. If you believe this, you will gladly enjoy the possibility of all things. There is no situation as difficult as it first appears. It depends on your ability to clothe yourself with the vital information concerning the situation.

There is one thing to know concerning any situation you are confronted with in life: it is the truth that, God is for you. If God be for us, who can be against us? Despite the bitter hatred Saul as king of Israel had developed against David, the odds around him notwithstanding; David knew one thing well. It was a constant factor even when other factors of the situation seemed to be in disarray. He made bold to declare – “this I know, for God is for me”. It was a bearing he had for the restoration he received from God.
Often time when the wind of the enemy blows vehemently against you, his primary aim is to get you into believing that God is not for you, neither is He with you. He often time pummels you like Gideon into thinking that, “if God be for us, why are all these befalling us?”

Child of God; no matter what the devil brings your way, never you lose faith in God’s presence with you and His approval upon your life. If you do, you will lose the bearing for the miraculous restoration divinely earmarked for your life. Cast not away your confidence. Stay faithful and you will find God faithful.

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