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Your action in the face of fear goes a long way to determine how courageous you are. You don’t talk of courage when there is nothing to fear. Courage is not to be mentioned when there is nothing to frustrate you. Courage is borne out of a multitude of conflicting ideas, situations and circumstances.

One major feature in the charge God gave Joshua, as he took over the mantle of leadership after the death of Moses; was for him to be of good courage. God knew that Joshua was going to be confronted by a lot of obstacles and He gave him the charge to be very courageous. What you do to in the face of obstacles is what determines your courage content. Faith is easy to profess when there is no opposition and everything is working as expected. God waits to ascertain your faith in Him in the face of opposition.

The fact that you are treading a divinely ordained path does not mean you are not going to have any form of opposition. The devil is attracted by the mere fact that you are in a divinely ordained path. He works to circumvent the plans and purposes of God for men; but; if you will learn to stay courageous and stay hooked unto the provisions and allowances of God for your life; no matter what comes your way, the devil will never be able to have you as a candidate for enslavement.

Courage helps you to move against the evil tide of opposition. It prevents you from doing what everyone around you may see as the obvious. It takes courage to keep moving and trusting God, when everything around you is suggesting that you give it up.

It was an act of courage when Job in the midst of his affliction proclaimed – “I will wait till my change come”. Job 14:14.

He knew God to be faithful and he was so certain of a divine intervention. Courage in the midst of opposition hinges on a true knowledge of God. Courage is staying hooked unto God to do what you know He has promised to do. It is trusting God and holing unto Him for who He is. If you know Him enough to hang on to Him, you will get through with joy.

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