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The woman Jesus met at Jacob’s well in Sychar a city in Samaria, was obviously in a mess. With an awful history of five husbands, she must have found life very messy and miserable. When she encountered Jesus, her mess turned out to be her message and many believed and turned to Jesus. There is no situation that can be too messy for Jesus.

The vilest offender who truly believes, that moment from Jesus, a pardon receives. There is no story God cannot change. With God, your story can change to glory. The activities of the devil around you notwithstanding, your bitter experiences notwithstanding; your story has been divinely earmarked to be the theme of a glorious message.

The woman’s message was coined out of her mess: “A man who told me all the things that I ever did: is not this the Christ?” Invariably; a man Who knew me so well and could interact with me in spite of my mess, must be someone to follow. A man who could tell me the story of my life must be Who He says He is - the Giver of living water. Her mess suddenly turned into a glorious message and many people were drawn to the Lord. Child of God; what a joy that God has an agenda for that awful situation you are in right now. God is turning it around and making it a glorious message of hope to a countless number of people, who are entrapped in a similar situation.

The Lord is turning your reproach into a medium of approach to a divine solution: Men shall turn around to proclaim that the God that did it for you will do their own and this God shall be their God forever and you shall become a living proof that God is able. Interestingly too, is the good news that the eyes of the Lord has been all over you in a true knowledge of all you’ve been through. He has set bounds for the enemy and no matter what the enemy does, he can never go beyond the bounds. God knows just how much you can bear. He is in control and there shall be a turn around.

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