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It is a common saying that “as our faces differ, so our needs differ”. God seeks to meet us at the level of our understanding and at the point of our individual needs. That is why you shouldn’t try to be like another person. Suffice you to know that there cannot be another you. You are the best you that God have ever made.

God longs to meet you in the uniqueness of your situation. In approaching God, you will be doing well by coming to God just as you are. You don’t have to pose to be the person God has not made you to be, lest you miss the help specifically earmarked for your person.

You don’t have to access you progress in life by the life of others; because, as our faces differ, so our cases differ. The Bible makes it clear that, time and chance happeneth to all men, the “balance” for your life cannot be the same with that of another person, because the weight of glory earmarked by God for our lives differs. The glory of the sun is one and the glory of the moon is another.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a twin brother or a twin sister; it is folly seeking to align your “cases” together. Even when you dress alike and you look like a carbon copy of each other; God knows you in the uniqueness of your makeup and He longs to deal with you not as twins but as individuals. You were born only at the same time in the womb; your destinies are different and the situations you face in life cannot be the same. So, you will have to learn to hold unto God for yourself in the uniqueness of your being and situation.

It is common knowledge that all plants and animals don’t reproduce the same way. A fowl may be quick in shedding forth her eggs from whence come the chicks. The elephant may take a long time carrying her young; when however, the elephant delivers her young, and it begins to walk immediately with all its features developed.

Maize may spring up rapidly and be cut off till the next planting season. A mango plant takes a much longer time to bring forth, but it keeps reproducing in its season. Learn to know the peculiarity of your “face” and stay on with your “case” before God and you will breakthrough.

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@alabanza-eu We are the best work of God, undoubtedly we are special before his eyes and He loves us in such a way that makes us unique
@ ricci01