Commit Your Ways unto God

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Nothing committed to God ever sees failure or disappointment. Reason being that God never fails hence to achieve success in whatever you plan on doing, you have to commit it to God. By committing your works to God, it means you have to make known and acknowledge God in all you do.


Success comes from God that is why whenever you do not acknowledge or show that you need Him, failure and disappointment surfaces. When your plans are committed to God, He then gives to you wisdom on how to execute your plans. Our wisdom and knowledge is never enough towards achieving success or breakthrough in life. God also gives us direction whenever we acknowledge Him in our plans.

Little wonder David says in Psalms 37:5...:
Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass.

From the above passage, we see that it is not just enough to commit your way to God, there is something else really important you must do and that is trusting in Him. Remember, without faith (trust) in God, it is impossible to please God and also faith is the currency to receiving from God.

David on returning from war found out that his kingdom was being raided and his wives and many others taken captive. What he did was to commit his thoughts and situation to God; he inquired and God gave him direction and he recovered all. He did not recover some rather all simply because he acknowledged God.

Until you have absolute trust and dependency on God, He won't bring it to pass. God wants us to fully depend on Him and we have to come to that point where we find out that God alone is who we need. Only Jesus can make your dreams and ambitions to come true. All you need do is trust in Him.

Do you trust Him?

How well do you trust Him?

God wants absolute trust and faith from us; partial trust is no trust at all. When we do this, then victory and success will be ours. Never fail to acknowledge God in all you do in life because in Him is success and victory. One of the ways to commit your ways to God is through prayers and meditation.

God bless you!

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That's total nonsense. There's nothing in the Bible to indicate that if you "commit your business" to God that you will be successful.