The People of the Koh Chang Boat Trip Sponsored by @threespeak - Koh Chang, Thailand - STEEMFest 4

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(@starkerz reppin' @threespeak with a view)

The People of the Koh Chang Boat Trip

@STEEMFest 4
Boat Trip Sponsored by @threespeak
A Special thanks to @starkerz and @theycallmedan

This year's @Steemfest took place in Bangkok, Thailand. After the week of conferences in the city, a large group of Steemians decided to keep the festivities going by heading to Koh Chang for some island-style fun. On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, the @threespeak team (@starkerz and @theycallmedan) decided to take a bunch of us on a boat trip for a day of fishing and snorkeling in the beautiful waters of Thailand.

Here are some pictures that I took of the people on the Koh Chang Boat Trip sponsored by @threespeak.

(Left to Right: @dylanhobalart, @lizanomadsoul, @mynewlife, @anomadsoul, @martibis, @celestal, @starkerz, @zlatan-spielberg, @theycallmedan, @louis88)

(Selfie with @starkerz, @gabbygolden, @zlatan-spielberg enjoying themselves in the backdrop)

(@martibis & @mynewlife up on the roof)

(@mynewlife catching some fish)

(Selfie with @martibis)

(@starkerz reppin' @threespeak)

(@dylanhobalart with a catch)

(boat crew enjoying the cruise)

(@starkerz surrounded by a school of piranhas)

(@dylanhobalart is the captain of the tunes)

(@lizanomadsoul reppin' STEEM and enjoying the view)

(@louis88 taking some sunset shots)

(@martibis had a good day)

(Our boat and fishing guide trolling off the stern)

(Packing up at the dock after a nice day on the water)

Thank You @threespeak

A special thanks to @starkerz and @theycallmedan for putting this together and making it all happen! I look forward to seeing the @threespeak platform grow and prosper! Check it out at


Thanks For Reading!

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Good times! Thanks for sharing the memories!!

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Truly an unforgettable beautiful journey. I think those are memories that further strengthen friendship. Hopefully the people at Steemit become more compact and united. Hopefully the spirit of unity can increase steem prices.

Yes, let the good times continue on-chain!

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Looks like you all had an amazing time.

I agree with you !

good job fellows, let the wind fill your sails

To be honest, my feelings now are in between.
Sad I couldn't be part of the adventure because I had to go back home. SF was such a blest and it pissed me off not to be able to prolong this experience with you.
But happy you had so much fun together.

Up to me to learn my lesson and lock my schedule around SF5 next year ;)

Why I love beach life!