Noodle Breakfast and Forging Friendships

in steemfest •  last year  (edited)

Yesterday was a little more chilled and I’m all for that.

I find Steemfest events totally exhausting unless you young which I’m not.


Some weeks before Steemfest, @livinguktaiwan requested someone fetch her some Twinnigs tea from the UK as it costs 4x as much over here.

I volunteered as there were very few of us attending this year.

I handed @livinguktaiwan her ‘posh tea’ yesterday and she gifted me back some pineapple cake which I will save until I get back to the UK.


It looks equally’posh’, she needn’t have bought it me but it was a lovely gesture.

Steemfest does forge these human relationships which are special and now I’m connected to her on WhatsApp as well as the blockchain.


After that we joined her and friends @elizacheng and @travelgirl for a noodle breakfast.

These alleys are not just for people but anything than can drive through them.

If cars could then they would. I’m amazed there’s not more accidents and it reminds me of the UK before all the safety precautions were added years ago.


@goblinknackers wasn’t so taken with the meat content or should I say fish. I didn’t think it was too bad myself and downed the lot.


@travelgirl suggested I make a @tasteem review out of the breakfast but I failed to take some key photos so won’t on this occasion.


@elizacheng and me had some coffee from a vendor just opposite the noodle place but the tea looked more interesting.

It was mainly ice and I was fearful of trying some due to the water but 24 hours later I’m feeling fine.


I’m assuming the tea vendors are a couple and worked well together to make this orange looking drink for me.


After paying over 300BAHT daily for the hotel breakfast which I don’t really rate too highly it was a nice change to get something at a 90% reduction.


Tropical fruit is cheap here. A bagful of jack fruit cost a fraction of the price in the UK.

My wife @bingbabe loves the stuff as well as all this food that is alien to most westerners such as pigs blood and feet.


The locals here appear to be very industrious and the competition high.

Everywhere you look vendors are selling everything but the kitchen sink.

I’m waiting for @for91days to give me the signal for an Urbex outing with the @travelfeed guys.

I just hope we don’t get into any trouble.

I don’t know the trespass laws in Thailand and we may have to cross some palms with silver to gain entrance.


There several of us going so no Tuk tuks today though the location is quite close.

I still have a ton of Thailand content but I will have to wait for my return to the UK. Creating on a phone is not much fun.

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Thank you so much for being my tea delivery guy ☕🚛👨

Now I will always think of you when I am drinking my posh tea 😊

Hehe your welcome, don’t drink it all in one sitting!

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300 baht for a shitey hotel breakfast? Shame they are doing that and you made the right choice heading out for food.... although I'm not personally a fan of jackfruit 😝

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Not a big fan either though I can eat it.

The coconut vendors are great, 40-50BAHT each here, bet they are cheaper in your neck of the woods?

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it's been a while since i had one but generally speaking things are cheaper up here for everything except booze, which doesn't work out so well for me actually :)

Booze is cheaper in Bangkok? It’s free if you attend the Steemfest events except for possibly the beer weekend last night.

Not a big drinker myself but some of them must have had bad heads!

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I would have been one of the people with the bad heads, I have control issues :)

Booze is cheaper in bangkok if you know where to look. There is so much competition that I know many places that have it for free for an hour each night - which i think technically isn't legal as a promotion.

Great breakfast and morning walk together yesterday...

P/S: my surname is Cheng. My username is elizacheng 😅

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It was, and I’ll adjust my post.. sorry about the wrong spelling 😩 (Fixed now)

Tea for @livinguktaiwan! No wonder she has such a big smile! Great post!

You know I love my tea Melinda 😊

Looks like you now have a wonderful supply!

Thanks 😊😊

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Awesome, looks like you are fair getting into the swing of things!

It’s almost finished, just one more event and we split. Wonder if it’s gonna feel like last year..., whimsical and nostalgic.

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I am sure it will be!! All the memories though, splendid things!

Those noodles look pretty simple, but I bet they had a ton of flavor. My wife wouldn't have cared for the fish though. It looks like you are having a great time.

I had to cop out and use a fork. According to the others forks are only used by kids 😁

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Oh I’m glad you joined us for breaky yesterday. And guess what, we want to go back today and it was closed lol.

It’s weekend so maybe they only open during weekdays? Are you with us tonight? I need to get ready as it starts soon!

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I want one of those Tuk Tuks!! Looks like you’re in for a fun day out. Great to see and read about steemfest, it looks like the vibe is still very strong and fills me with hope for this blockchain. Safe travels, buddy.

They are in decent condition compared to some of the transportation offered in some countries.

They call them tricycles in the Philippines but those invariably are falling apart and have 12 people hanging from the sides.

Here they only allow whoever can fit inside.

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Lovely post - reflects all the best about steem. Hope you had a fabulous time 😍

There’s a lot of walking around and it’s just about bearable if you keep drinking from the numerous cheap roadside places.

Cold favoured coffee sounds horrible but tastes great. I had a coconut one earlier and they really refresh you.

Not looking forward to the long journey home and accompanying jet lag tomorrow.

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I have really enjoyed living it thru the photos of you all that went. Seemed like a good time!

You might get tired of em soon, there’s plenty more though it’s now finished.

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It was a good time 😊

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That noodle breakfast looks great! And nice that you met @livinguktaiwan and the others.
Pigs blood or feet do not sound good to me, but I would like to try jackfruit sometime.

It’s probably like haggis to the Scots, though I’m not a fan of that either!

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No - I definitely wouldn't want haggis for breakfast :D

Sometimes you just got to ditch the hotel food and get on a food adventure. Happy to see that you are having a great time with the lovely ladies of Asia. 😉

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Was the best thing I did! That hotel breakfast was getting me right down! Cold eggs are not the best start to a day.

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So happy you came out even though we couldn't get into the place! Loved hanging out!

Yeah was great, we will get in the next one!

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