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1. What is

It is simply a website built on the steem protocol, that allows you to offer your talents, craft, skill, expertise etc as "a service" in exchange for steem, SBD, Steem Power etc 

Down the road, we will also looking to creating avenues to exchange "service for service" e.g I will do your logo design in exchange for a portrait.

Being a marketplace for SteemGiggers, it is possible to find services that are free!

Now, "where there are talents; dreams happen". Thus, people who seek to build their dreams, vision, enterprise, organization, online presence etc can visit, to search our database of reputable talents.

e.g if all you have ever wanted was your own chat-bot: 

  • Define a budget
  • Visit 
  • Check out the categories to view a catalog of gigs to select from
  • If found, contact SteemGigger involved
  • Else, do a refined search
  • If still not found, do a custom request.
Note: is way beyond just a freelancing marketplace. It is a community of reputable great minds upon which, "everyone has something to offer".

2. Who Is A SteemGigger?

Anyone who offers a service on SteemGigs is called a SteemGigger.

Each SteemGigger is likely to be a steemit account holder, thus, a SteemGigger is also a reputable steemian.

Everyone can be a SteemGigger because on SteemGigs; "everyone has something to offer".

3. What Are Gigs?

Gigs simple refers to the variety of services offered on

4. What Do We Do At SteemGigs?

We are an open-source internet organization, passionate about helping each human bring their dreams or innovation ideas into reality, thus, we create an online community that enables that.

e.g if you want to get your brand name before the eyes of thousands of people, simply visit to find social influencers or do a custom request and create an offer for interested SteemGiggers etc

We believe that since "going to the moon" happened; any dream is attainable. 

Thus, we take keen interest in each SteemGigger; we get to know them, incentivize them to offer valuable service on your behalf; then, we maintain a database of the most reputable SteemGiggers in every niche, field or industry, so that we can recommend them to others seeking assistance.

Do the "dreaming"; leave the "building" to us.

We look to become the home of the world's most-reputable talents. We want every noble dream, met!

5. Why You Should Choose SteemGigs?

SteemGigs is built with an integration of the steem blockchain, giving it very powerful advantage over conventional "freelance" marketplaces.

The steem blockchain is open-source and decentralized. It has an in-built currency called "steem" and other forms of currency, like SBD and vested Steem (Steem Power). It can handle millions of transactions daily, has zero fees and is backed by a reputable community.

Using this decentralized steem protocol, allows SteemGigs to run conveniently, "peer-to-peer", without the need for third-parties e.g banks, PayPal etc

Here are some of the prominent advantages of SteemGigs:

  • Fees: SteemGigs "payment" transactions are free.
  • Censorship: When you have successfully published a Gig, it can't not be erased.
  • Traffic: Every Gig appears internally on as well as on Steemit & Too, each of these posts rank in the search engines e.g google, yahoo, bing etc 
  • Trust: SteemGigs is a social community of reputable talents! It uses the steem blockchain, leaving all transactions public. Every user of has a public reputation, which is pulled directly from the steem blockchain.
  • Charge-backs: Using the steem blockchain eliminates the possibility for charge-backs.
  • Ease of payment: To pay for a Gig, simply go to your steem wallet and complete a transfer. It takes only 3 seconds!
  • Financial loss: Steem technology is behind every payment transaction and steem is decentralized. All financial transactions are permanent and hosted on encrypted servers round the world.
  • Privacy: You can pay for Gigs without having to reveal personal information as no credit-cards or third party merchants required.  

6. Any Perks For Steemians Who Use SteemGigs?

  • You can sell a service and get paid in steem/SBD/Steem-Power etc
  • You can offer a service for free while honing your craft, skill or expertise.
  • You can play a testimonial role in historical history, by helping others build their dreams
  • You can build your own dream, by posting custom requests or searching our database for reputable talents who can help
  • You can seek out mentorship e.g steem tutors etc
  • You can find out what each steemian has to offer.
  • You can build new relationships (with steemians) by offering valuable services
  • You can build strong connections with minnows, dolphins, whales alike.
  • You can improve your reputation even on steemit e.g imagine whales etc writing SteemGigs testimonials about you and the amazing service you rendered
  • You can use the untalented editor to create curation-worthy steemit posts.
  • You can stay busy in the steem ecosystem, even when you take a break from blogging.
  • Even if you aren't a blogger, you can now offer something.
  • You can accomplish tasks in other nations, without traveling e.g i can do a "custom request" offering 5 SP to someone who will help me taste a local beer in the Philippines
  • You can flex your creative muscles and evolve into your awesomest version.

7. How Does SteemGigs Support Steem/Steemit Growth?

  • Enhancing the steem economy e.g providing more use-case for steem/SBD/SP
  • Improving steemit growth.
  • Tightening the bond of our existing steemit community.
  • Unveil more of the "human behind the steemian". 
  • Unraveling the wealth and depth of our existing steemit community.
  • Implore steemians to practice their profession & hone their expertise.
  • Instill in the steemit community, the culture/art of "giving and receiving".
  • To create a more fun atmosphere even in the face of overwhelming events.
  • Enable the un-enabling environments
  • Add an organic reputation system (SteemGigs Success Testimonials) to our reputation score system.
  • Expanding the vision of steemians, with regards to the capability/capability of the steem blockchain, 
  • Sparking more creativity thus, more solutions to real world problems.
  • Beautify steemit/steem in the search engines.
  • Connecting steemians in need to steemians indeed.
  • Keeping inactive steemians in the steem economy by means of live SteemGigs.
  • Providing non-blogger steemians with incessant ways to earn steem/SBD
  • Burn SBD
  • Gift humanity with at least one breakthrough product/solution courtesy of steemian talent
  • Attracting the freelance industry, recruiting agencies and powerful organizations to the steem economy.
  • etc

8. How Do I Log-in On

This is really easy! 

Simply remember that SteemGigs is a steem-based website, thus, you will require your steemit credentials to sign in. 

  • Visit
  • Click on "LOG IN".
  • You will be redirected to SteemConnect V2, a portal that enables the authentication of your account.
  • Then, you will be required to input your steemit password or steemit private active key. 
It is advisable to use your keys during sign-up as your steemit master password is best kept offline. 
Overall, we do not save any of this login information.

Read more about your keys here

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9. How Do I Sign Up To SteemGigs, If I Don't Have A Steemit Account?

For now, you will need to get a steemit account.

10. How Do I Create My SteemGigs Custom Profile?

Even if you aren't ready to offer a service on SteemGigs just yet, note that every steemit account holder already has a default profile on

To see your profile, simple append your steemit username after  i.e

SteemGigs pulls a portion of your steemit profile by default e.g your steemit profile picture and your Steemit reputation score as these are essential aspects of a SteemGigger but you are able to customize other aspects of your SteemGigs profile right there on our website, once you are logged in. 

e.g you can add a summarized résumé , contact medium, social links etc. 

To customized your SteemGigs profile; simple login, click on your profile on the top most right-side of the homepage upon log-in (containing a circular thumbnail of your profile picture) and you will be met with a screen like the one below, upon which you can customize your SteemGigs profile:

If you decide that you want to update your profile picture as well, you will not be able to do so from as you can only edit your profile picture from the "settings" of your Steemit profile.

Your SteemGigs profile shows up by default on the right side of every post that you create on SteemGigs, serving as further promotion of what you constitute. 

See sample screenshot:

All customizable portion of your SteemGigs profile is stored internally on our database

11. How Do I Post My First Steem Gig?

See this video tutorial

OR look at the screenshots below:

To really standout with your GIG posts, consider embedding a video (you can easily do so on the editor), telling potential clients what you offer and why they should avail of your Gigs. This also enhances your overall reputation as a SteemGigger and appeals better to people, opening your to more opportunities.

12. Do I Get Rewards From Publishing A Gig, Independent Of Client Payments?

Any content created from, also appears on Steemit &, opening it up to curation (rewards), independent of what clients pay you for availing of your gigs

Curation is an incentivized activity on Steemit, where people are rewarded in steem-based currency, for unveiling valuable content and bringing it to visibility e.g by a simple "like" action called an "upvote".

Your gig posts can easily constitute valuable content and can be rewarded on Steemit as such.

See sample screenshot of gig posts that have rewarded by curators on Steemit, solely for constituting valuable content:


  • We look to reward "proof of deed". Thus, we will look to reward exceptional Gigs (posts) via curation.
  • In due time, we will work with moderators, curators and curation guilds on steemit, to enhance content discovery and reward both clients and SteemGiggers 
  • Overall, we want to turn each dream into reality, hence, we will look for ways to incentives "dreamers" (Clients) and "dream-builders" (SteemGiggers).

13. Can You Comment And Curate Gig Posts Directly On

Yes, you can! 
You can even vote with slider, though you have below 500 steem power.

See the screenshot below:

14. Is It True That On SteemGigs, "Everyone Can Offer Something"?

So yes!

At your leisure, read this post to get creative ideas.

In the meantime, here are some creative ideas to give you a glimpse into the spanlessness of the words, "everyone has something to offer".

 Look at some fun examples that i created:   

  • 1. @stellabelle can say: I will write a killer steemit post about your brand and share it with thousands of my followers on Medium, for 60 SBD. 
  • 2. @surfermarly can easily say:  I will write your steemit username boldly on one of my old surf boards  and hang it on a coconut tree on a busy beach for 1 day,  for 7 SBD. 
  • 3. @papa-pepper can easily say: I write will curl my snakes into the letters in your brand name, for 50 SBD. 
  • 4. @mrwang can also say: I will create a video review of me tasting any beer of your choice, for 8 SBD.

Look at more   #steemgigs samples that i created, to incite your creativity: 

Fun & Random

  • I will make a video each day, for 3 days, breaking 1 stick of cigarette in half, to remind to stop smoking, for 5SBD.
  • I will write "will you marry me" and the name of your fiance on the sands of a Jamaican beach, for 6SBD.
  • I will have kids write your brand name all over their classroom board for 2SBD.
  • I will act and say anything you want as a Pirate, for 0.5SP 


  • I will pretend to be your girl friend for a day, for 5 steem. 
  • I will tell you what he or she is thinking about You, for 0.32SBD.
  • I will chat with you for 7 days and make each day fun-filled for you, for 5SP.
  • I will give you a PDF collection of 3,000,000 unique dating messages, for 3.000000 SBD.  
  • I will make your crush go CRAZY about you, for 3SBD.
  • I will re-write your online dating profile, for 6 steem.

Marketing & Promotion

  • I will pop a balloon with your message written on it, for 2 steem.
  • I will paint your message e.g "" on my body and dance in the jungle for 8SBD.
  • I will sing you a Steemit Milestone Song in a Thong as a Typical British Man for 3.4SBD.
  • I will speed color your logo for 9.5steem.
  • I will create a custom promotional animated video with voice over, for 5.5SBD.
  • I will act and say anything you want as a Pirate, for free. 

HowTo & Tutorials

  • I will give you a 30 min TED-like coaching, on how to make a career out of podcasts, for 30steem.
  • @son-of-satire can very easily say; i will create magical GIFs for the footer of your steemit posts, for 5SBD. 
  • @kevinwong can go: i will write you 5 killer posts on any popular niche, for 16 SBD. 
  • @kingscrown: i will give you 5 proven crypto-investment tips, for 5 SBD.


  • @sirlunchthehost  can say: i will keep your post or project displayed at the footer of my  regularly-trending steemit posts for an entire day, for 25 SBD. 
  • I will delegate you 50k steem power for 3 days, for 30 steem as long as you don't downvote. 
  • I will share any steemit url of your choice to my 50k social media followers, for 6 SBD. 


  • I will a 2-minute video of Trump saying whatever you want, for 6.7 SBD. 
  • I will record your voicemail or any audio as Donald Trump, for 7 and a half SP.   


  • I will teach you how to trade steem on the steemit internal market, for 5S BD. 
  • I will get Ned Scott to hold a poster of your steemit username or brand name for, 16.2 SBD 
  • I will give you targeted leads to golfers, for 2.3SBD. 


  • @mynameisbrian can easily say; I will make a comic of you making a comic, for 3.82 SBD 
  • I will make whiteboard explainer videos from any of your steemit posts, for 0.05 SBD 
  • I will do SEO for your wordpress and put your blog on the first page of google, for 18 SBD 


  • @heiditravels can easily say: I will write a travel guide or article for your travel destination, for 5SBD. 
  • @sweetsssj can easily say: i will teach you how to access steemit, if you stopped-over in Dubai, where many websites are blocked, for 1.78SBD 
Basically, you can create an entirely new/unheardof/weird/random service, for steem, SP or SBD. (Everyone has something to offer, so flex your creative muscles!) 

Note that it is essential for you to be able to render any service you claim that you can offer as there is "reputation" involved.  

It will not be nice if there is steemgigs testimonial that dents your reputation

So if you say, "i will write your brand name on my bare belly and walk around with it" for 5 SBD and a steemian avails of your service, be ready to do it. 

If you say, "i will give out 5 old educational books to kids in my community for 5 SBD" and i avail of your service, be ready to do it. 

If you say, "i will sing a cover of any artist of your choosing for 5 Steem Power", be ready to do so! 

For every Gig you offer, it is nice to add a  portfolio of your past work. It also helps your reputation, if you add video of yourself telling steemians what you offer and why they should  avail of your Gig

15. How Do I Search A Gig?

  • Simply get on and scour the website. 
  • Search our database for SteemGiggers who fit your needs and budget
  • Then, contact them and let them help!
  • If you can't find someone yet who can help, do a custom request (See sample custom request here)
We have a working search engine and an internal database. It is not all refined yet but it already works.  

Currently, it provides results for general keywords as well as usernames. So, if all you have ever dreamt of, is to have your own chatbot, simple do a simple search, using words like "bots", "chatbots", "automation" etc and you will be provided with a list of SteemGiggers who can help! 

See screenshot below:


Our website is not filled yet, hence, results may be scanty but imagine when every steemian begins to offer a service on SteemGigs

Don't be shocked to find free services too! 

Note: We are working rapidly on implementing "Refined Search"

16. How Do I Order My First Gig?

If you find a gig that fits your needs and budget, it is advisable to also check the reputation score of the SteemGigger involved before deciding to make an order. 

Their reputation score is same as on the steem blockchain. Profiles with higher reputation score have been established by the steem community, to be of higher reputation but this isn't always necessarily the case as it is very possible that profiles with low reputation score are reputable as well. 

Thus, it is essential to also take a closer look at other details, along with their reputation score e.g their résumé, portfolio, steemit activity, past blogposts, testimonials if any etc 

Every steemit account starts at a reputation score of 25, which increases as the steemit community starts to acknowledge positively, "the steem activity of these accounts"
Please take extra caution, with profiles that have a negative reputation score e.g (-1) or reputation scores below 25.

After ascertaining that you want to avail of the gig, attempt to contact the SteemGigger. 

Responsible SteemGiggers are very likely to have customized profiles, to indicate their résumé. In many cases, you will be able to find their contact on their profile. In some others cases, SteemGiggers may leave their contact within their gig post.

Note: We are working on internal messaging.

For the sake of transparency, it is recommended that you start out conversations (related to Gig-Ordering) in the comment section of the gig post, so that the steem blockchain can record some evidence of ensuing interaction. 

Further discussion where necessary, can then happen via private channels.

After successful or unsuccessful experiences, consider doing Steemgigs Testimonials

Among other things, testimonial posts also gives you opportunities to earn. Imagining being able to recover the money you have spent purchasing your gig, after doing a testimonial post that ends up adding value to the steem ecosystem, even as content. 

See how much this SteemGigs testimonial post earned!

Also imagine, how many more relationships or connections can be forged, when both parties paint each other in good light, using a testimonial.

Look at an instance of forged relationships resulting from a SteemGigs testimonial post:

SteemGigs testimonials can also be used by SteemGiggers who want to document their process and progress, to aid transparency, reputation and earning potential.

e.g a logo designer may want to create a number of posts, showing the process and progress of the logo he is designing for his client.

Note: There is no limit on the number of SteemGigs testimonial posts, you can do over the course of a gig transaction. 

If you had a bad experience e.g a dispute, you can use a SteemGigs testimonial to document your experience, so that others can be wary about disreputable SteemGiggers and we can be proactive about settling matters.

17. How To Pay For A Gig?

After you have established a payment agreement and you want to make a payment, you will need to do so directly from your steem wallet. Every steemit account holder has a steem wallet.

The various currency-type currently allowed on SteemGigs are:

  • Steem
  • Steem Backed dollars
  • Steem Power (Vested Steem)
Paying in steem or SBD is pretty straight-forward. Simply visit your steem wallet and execute a transfer! It takes 3 seconds.

See the screenshots below, if you are going to pay in Steem Power (Vested Steem):

Note: You must have sufficient liquid steem 
e.g if your payment is 10 SP, you must have 10 Steem or above in your steem wallet.

18. What Is The "Custom Request" Editor?

You can find it towards the top left side of your homepage upon login as seen in the screenshot below:

If you cannot find the service or product you seek in the search engine of, you may create a a type of post called, a "custom request" using this editor, that details the exact kind of service that you seek and your budget.

Sample Use-Case: 

  • I am look for someone to teach me how to ride a space shuttle. (Maximum Budget 1000 Steem)
  • I need someone to help me write my brand name on the sands of a Jamaican seashore. (Maximum Budget 20 SBD)
  • I need someone to help me deliver 5 old Chemistry books, to 5 young students in Manila. (Maximum Budget 10 Steem Power)

19. How Do I Create A Custom Request?

The "custom requests" editor is very straightforward to use. Consider reading the style guide as seen on the right side of every editor on

See screenshots below:

All custom requests are displayed on a special segment or row on the homepage of upon login

See screenshot below:

20. What Are Featured SteemGigs?

There is a segment of (on the login homepage), reserved for showcasing outstanding gigs. 
See this screenshot:

The Gigs (posts) featured in this segment, are those that have been published by the main @steemgigs account. These are featured Steem Gigs!

Being that Gigs (posts) also appear on steemit, we will consider publishing certain gigs using the @steemgigs main account and promoting these entries to more visibility, both on SteemGigs & Steemit.


  • You may want your gigs to appear before more eyes and contact us to have your gigs published from our main account.
  • We may establish certain Gigs as outstanding and look to feature these gigs.
  • etc 

Overall, SteemGigs looks also to incentivize "good reputation", effort, content etc, by looking to reward both parties (SteemGiggers & Clients)

21. What Are Steemgigs Testimonials?

These are simply blog posts created and published by means of the "steemgigs testimonial" editor.

We expect SteemGiggers and clients to be reputable over the course of transactions, thus, we want to allow both entities, the luxury of being rewarded for documenting their experience on the un-eraseable, permanent steem blockchain. This aids transparency as well as enhances the general reputation model of the steem ecosystem.

SteemGigs testimonials also constitute valuable content and can rank in the search engines, promoting steem also as a community of reputable great minds and as a place where "everyone has something to offer".

Till we are able to implement an optional "escrow service", we will rely on SteemGigs testimonials as a way to keep reputation in check and pay rapt notice to these posts, so that we can be proactive about curbing potential disputes.

22. Why Are Testimonials Full-Blown Posts, Instead Of Simple Comment-Type Reviews?

  • Our motto is; "everyone has something to offer". 
Thus, apart from just creating gigs, we want to keep SteemGigs evergreen, by creating more use-cases for our website. 
We believe in organic growth and the search engines is a major way of accomplishing that, thus, we also want to pride ourselves in creating thousands of blogs daily to serve the search engines, promoting steem in a ton of beautiful ways. Hence, the need to keep "SteemGIGS testimonials", full-blown readable and enjoyable posts. 
  • We also want each one to do the "dreaming", leaving the "building" to us! 
SteemGigs testimonials allows both SteemGiggers and clients, to write more expressively, their entire experience. 
We believe this does way more in inspiring as many as want to, to dare to dream, with well-rooted conviction drawn from these testimonies, that they can come to SteemGigs and have dreams, enterprises, innovation ideas etc all built.
  • We want SteemGigs to preserve reputation
Knowledge that a positive SteemGigs testimonial can forge further relationships, stir connections and enhance résumé, will incentivizes both parties to keep their end of the bargain.

23. Why is SteemGigs important?

To build a dream is hardly ever easy. There may be odds! 

These odds may be lack of mentorship, lack of direction, lack of expertise, lack of capital, lack of connections etc

Whatever is lacking, we want to passionately offer it. 

But, what if you no longer dream? Many times, that is what is actually starting to lack. Yes, because of the incessant thought that every other thing is lacking, we halt dreaming altogether or no longer dream limitlessly.

SteemGigs: Is an ecosystem where "everyone has something to offer", thus, making each dream closer to "attainable"

We passionately look to prove this and more.... 

  • We aim to incentivize the process of "mining the human". 
  • We aim to reward even "attempts at out-of-the-boxness". 
  • We aim to reward even the art of "sifting sense from non-sense". (Just perhaps, we will be re-sparked into dreaming again). 
  • Then, we will aim to reward reputable SteemGiggers, who put their expertise into testimonial good use, in helping you build your dreams.

To remove all barriers, we also added an untalented paradigm to SteemGigs, aiming to prove one thing: that, if we eliminate bum, average, smart; "we are genius".

Everyone has something to offer!

24. Are Any Other Revolutionary Facets of SteemGigs?

As we want to make sure that "everyone as something to offer", we will seamlessly make SteemGigs into a complete hub of knowledge-base. 

Many times, for dreams, innovation ideas etc to attain fruition, INTEL has been the only thing missing!

Not only will you be able to offer gigs and request gigs; you will also be able to seek knowledge, hone your expertise, attain directions etc. 

You will eventually be able to surmount hurdles, tend to your own tasks or build your dreams, yourself! Then, you will graduate into being able to offer your expertise as a service towards others. 

Unlike mainstream freelancing marketplaces, we want SteemGigs to constitute a solid means to positive world-adjustment, thus we will look to continuously add features, making the use of SteemGigs evergreen; "a curriculum!"

We want SteemGigs to amplify the beauty of blockchain; "the steem blockchain".

On mainstream marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc endeavors are mostly built around "business"
There isn't a real community, thus, it can very easily turn into a large database of  résumé(s), where people just visit to seek out talents > go into private conversations > complete orders > say good bye till the next need arises. 

SteemGigs is built around the steem blockchain and backed by an actual "solid community of great reputable minds" who have real interest in one another. 

We don't want to just build a database of talents and résumé(s). 
We want to build a hive, where each one is a celebrity, moreso, because he relishes having testimonial impact on history by helping the next person build their dream. A hive where each one knows the other, down to what each one can offer, for in hands of the noble, this is ginormously powerful INTEL.

So yes; we will gradually add dimensions to SteemGigs, that will keep users in incessant excitement about the art of "mining the human into its awesomest version".

We don't want a situation where you simple publish, say 5 gigs > customize your profile > leave >> to return whenever you get a notification of your next client. 

We want you to hangout on SteemGigs.
We want you to stay ever-active, enjoying the use of SteemGigs and this is where our very edge lies. 

Thus, one other paradigm we have added, just to show a glimpse into the future dynamism of SteemGigs is the untalented paradigm

In the nearest future, we will also integrate a main segment on the homepage dedicated to "creative contests"  as well as knowledge-based and empowerment-related categories involving e.g "how-to", DIYs, tutorials, TIL (Today I Learned) etc all with specialized editors and full steem interaction capability i.e upvotes, replies, messaging etc right there on 

25. What is the "untalented editor"?

You can find the untalented editor on the left side of the SteemGigs homepage, upon login. 

See screenshot below:

It is simply a specialized editor that you can use to create enviable steemit posts. In a bid to fix content curation & discovery challenges related to steem (in the nearest future), we are experimenting with specialized editors. 

On SteemGigs, we have added the untalented editor, to enhance the ability of steemians in creating very valuable, curate-able steemit posts. 

We have simplified the editor, so that it is very easy to stylize and format your steemit posts.

You can use this editor to create steemit posts under any tag or niche. This is among the best editors for newer steemians especially as it makes it easy for you to create posts, without worrying much about HTML or post-formatting.

For now, posts created using this editor only appears on & Being that colors aren't yet appear-able on these interfaces, we considering emoji capabilities to the untalented editor in the coming days or weeks

It has a style guide for newbies as well, to help them create the perfect introductory post.

26. What Is Untalented-Steemgigs?

This one of the main categories on SteemGigs, that allows you to offer a service, even when you don't consider yourself an expert yet. 

We don't want any level of talent or potential talent to go amiss and we strongly believe that there is a lot of talent in "the attempt" i.e "in attempts at out-of-the-boxness" 

e.g if you are constantly told that your drawing (art) is child's play and you keep attempting it your drawing (art) regardless, there is untold "talent" in "the attempt"

Hence, we want to have room as well, for many who want to try out their hands at offering a service but who haven't developed enough confidence or expertise to proclaim themselves experts. 

This is all you need to know whenever you decide to choose Untalented-Steemgigs as your main category, during the course of creating your gig post:

Want to offer a Gig but feel that you are not an expert yet? The Untalented-Steemgigs category is for you! It allows you to still offer a service, while honing your skills into perfection. Clients may want to try your service out, even with the knowledge that you aren't an expert, thus, consider providing affordable rates to stir further relationships. Stay reputable and sincere and use opportunities as an avenue to evolve into an expert. 

Bottomline? On SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer".

Note: Untalented-SteemGigs mostly contains a list of sub-categories that aren't too critical-mode tasks and can afford a measure of flaws e.g Photo-Edits, Fun & Lifestyle, Relationship Advice etc

Gig posts that fill up this categories will be tagged Untalented-SteemGigs, so that potential clients can know first-hand that the steemians offering these services aren't yet experts.

27. Do My Gig Posts Appear In The Search Engine?

Yes, every genre of post published from are indexed by the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) and will show organically in search results.

28. What Can I Do If I Experience Some Difficulties Using SteemGigs?

SteemGigs is an open source project, thus, love it like your own!
Exercise patience and join us in perfecting it. 

You can easily leave us feedback on the website's feedback widget or join in with the SteemGigs community on discord, so that together, we can build the most loveable SteemGigs.

We are growing our support team! Thus,:

29. What If I Encounter A Dispute?

First course of action is to stay reputable. 

Disputes can occur in a community and SteemGigs is a community but disputes are manageable and can be resolved even by using measures as simple as patient, tactful conversations etc 

For now, SteemGigs is solely peer-to-peer, relying mostly on the transparency & "reputation paradigm" of the steem blockchain, when it comes to resolving disputes.

Down the road, we may consider implementing an "escrow service" but even that will be on an OPT-IN basis.

Thus, you can always speak about your SteemGigs experience in full-blown posts called "SteemGigs Testimonials". These testimonials will be recorded on the steem blockchain and unerase-able. 

Testimonials are in existence primarily to forge further connections, up-build relationships, improve general reputation etc but can also be used as media to warn others in the community of disreputable SteemGiggers or Clients, so that others can be wary about disreputable SteemGiggers and we can be proactive about settling matters.

Thus, whenever you decide to use a SteemGigs testimonial to relate a not-so-nice experience with a client or SteemGigger, your primary aim shouldn't be to tear another down but to make others wary of these disreputable individuals and ultimately to educate and stir positive change.

Please consider consulting with me (@surpassinggoogle) in cases where you need help with resolving disputes. 
If i am not reachable, reach out to any of the moderators on the discord server and they will reach out to me where needed.

30. Does SteemGigs Have A Flourishing Community?

Yes, we have a community of close to 4,000 SteemGiggers on discord alone, who have stuck together over the course of 10 months to bring https://steemgigs to life. 

We have many renown and veteran steemians as well, who have loved SteemGigs from its conception. 

Gratitude goes everyone e.g @stellabelle @kus-knee @virtualgrowth @oluwoleolaide @ehiboss @gbenga @destinysaid @tojukaka @ewuoso @fisteganos @ogoowinner @aderonkemi @thereikiforest @artaddict @samic @ankarlie @purepinay @sunnylife @immarojas @teamhumble @drpuffnstuff @valued-customer @steemitqa @thatsweeneyguy @inphiknit @cloh76 @papa-pepper @benjojo @blocktrades @jaki01 @teamsteem @tamim @andrarchy @lovejoy @giantbear @donkeypong @hanshotfirst @acidyo @jrcornel @merej99 @sykochica @beanz @thejohalfiles @fabien @elear @ekitcho @uwelang @anotherjoe @benjojo...............(a really long list of many who have inspire this grand event).

31. How Can I Contribute To The Development Of SteemGigs?

If you are a user of our website, you can always leave us a quick feedback or suggestion. We have a feedback widget across SteemGigs, that allows that.

See screenshot:

Overall, we make use of analytical tools to help us measure user experience and improve SteemGigs seamlessly. 

Remember too, that SteemGigs is open-source, both front-end & back-end and synced with Utopian, the only steem-based community that rewards open-source contributions. So exercise freedom in visiting Utopian to do well detailed contributions e.g suggestions, feature requests etc, so we can use this feedback to improve our website. 

Add your UI contributions to steemgigs/steemgigs on utopian

Finally you can give us direct feedback on our discord help center here. Feel free to ping either @jalasem @afeezawoyemi @eastmael on there. 

If you are developer or coder and you want to contribute code, consider looking at our project on Github and any open issues. 

SteemGigs is an organization on Github, allowing developers to set up teams for more enhanced contributions.

We recommend coders/developers to also consider using Utopian for your contributions as you can get rewarded in steem-based currency for doing so. 

32. How Can I Support SteemGigs Using Steemit?

  • Do well to talk about SteemGigs using your steemit posts.
  • Kindly support the "steemgigs" witness by voting on it here.
  • If you spot any level of talent or potential talent during your daily curation effort, kindly leave them an encouraging comment and politely direct them to or get them a SteemGigs personalized GIF footer and gift it to them. 
  • etc

33. What Next?

Let us go push and displace Mount Kilimanjaro by 33km at 33km/hr with our awesomeness.
Let us make more use of the steem blockchain, to reshape the very internet.
Visit today. Let's hangout on there together, forever!

Your Boy Terry

@surpassinggoogle @steemgigs SG


To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click!

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy. 

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

4. What Do We Do At SteemGigs?

We are an open-source internet organization, passionate about helping each human bring their dreams or innovation ideas into reality, thus, we create an online community that enables that.

Hi @GinaBot, thanks for informing me about this.
I was here right in time to read this post and share my valid comment.

I'm happy, do you know why? #Steemgigs is growing, progressing and getting more innovative and realistic.

I remember when I joined steemit, #steemgigs was one of the tag I mostly visited. Heck yes, I even used the tags on my posts - I didn't really get the real meaning and purpose of steemgigs until one day when somebody (I can remember his name) drew my attention to the main meaning of #steemgigs. He explained that it has to do with freelancing or should I say offering your talents and skills for hire and many other things. THINK ABOUT FIVERR

I was happy when I heard about that.

I can remember the first thing I did after hearing that - I designed a Surpassinggoogle picture with the steemgigs tag for Terry using one of his profile picture. @surpassinggoogle do you remember that your 'moving the mountain' picture? The one I infused the Google design and Steemgigs? Lol

So what am I trying to say?

I'm saying I'm happy about steemgigs. I'm happy it's finally a reality, I'm happy happy it's growing, I'm happy it's getting massive adoption, I'm happy it's helping a lot of persons, I'm happy because I'm supposed to be happy.

Shout out to @surpassinggoogle for the great dreams and shoutout to all those who've been there and have been supporting the dreams and movement ever since.


I art this for your birthday but you did n't see this. that's why i feel very bad my self.

@steemgigs simply the best way to promote our hidden talents. Very precise article about this new website. With this it can help us steemians to have an extra income from our talents and services. Good job @surpassinggoogle and to your team.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Right, right, those talents will not be forever hidden. Thank you very much to these very brilliant endeavor of @surpassinggoogle that everyone finally have the opportunity to showcase them, no matter how "tiny" those services may be.

And yes, I do have my own footer too. Thank you so much to @panoramicview. I was one of those first 7 actually who availed of it for FREE! Amazing right?!

salute you sir @surpassinggogle. your contribution is one of biggest part of @steemit. i respact you from my heart.

@surpassinggoogle sir.
you are a real allrounder & champion.

i am new here. may be that's reason you can't see my comment. anyway i want to say can i join with @steemgigs. it is available for new joiner?


i am sure you can offer this footer service on steemgigs, have you thought of this

Note: is way beyond just a freelancing marketplace. It is a community of reputable great minds upon which, "everyone has something to offer".

All these leaves me speechless and spell-bound. This is a new order ,a new genre , a trailblazing and distinguishing event with a mandate to liberate . A lot of people who couldn't attempt 'the-out-of-boxness' before now can avail themselves of the opportunity presented by steemgigs to be awesome. Steemgigs is indeed a place where everyone has something to offer.

This is awesomely detailed @surpassinggoogle, all facets thrashed and laid bare in an easy to understand language. Kudos Terry.

I agree. I hope all questions about steemgigs are cleared now at least.

The faq was a well detailed one

FAQ that! lol!

am new here. may be that's reason you can't see my comment. anyway i want to say can i join with @steemgigs. it is available for new joiner?

Yes it is.

I hope I can be able to offer my little help on steemgigs. This would be my favorite new home from now onwards.

Kudos to @surpassingoggle and the team. God bless you guys. It's not easy

yes, the FAQS was very much detailed and self explanatary, I love it, more grace to your elbow @surpassinggoggle, THANK YOU BOSS

Lol.... She's doing a great job

If you connect all the dots, in all this journey, steemgigs teardrops, surpassinggoogle untalented etc Jehovah has been the Inspirer. Seriously, if one day i talk about this. Yes, i remember that picture and you see that it is not coincidence that i used excerpts of that picture today and you are here. I think you sent it on whatsapp. I still have it. Thank you alot. I am just re-told; Jehovah aligns everything

You're so humble @surpassinggoogle. I know Jah using yiu as an instrument to help us here on Steemit.

I agree Terry is a man sent from Yeshua! Thanks for following the still silent voice Terry.

sir i already done my witness vote for you.

am new here. may be that's reason you can't see my comment. anyway i want to say can i join with @steemgigs. it is available for new joiner?

Aside from motivating me, personally, my faith is strengthened because you do not take the praises for all these but to God Jehovah who ultimately is giving us everything. Your humility is so inspiring.

True! We are all happy because of @steemgigs is very promising. All of us can join and offer something. It is not for professional only but for everyone just like their slogan "everyone has something to offer". I am really amazed by their concept and happy that @steemgigs is improving for the better. Great work steemgigs team!

God luck you projects and God bless @surpassinggoogle

Terry this is an excellent presentation. So concise, yet so informative. I love what you are doing here and pleased to see your success. You have given so much of your time and energy, I'm happy to see your ideas bear fruit. I know the efforts that you put in to give back to everyone, so its time to take a bow young man and accept the praise of what is coming.

The price drop of steem is a blessing in disguise, so people like you will have even more power when all is said and done. There is a classic reset going on and I love what that will do for you and your causes that you support.

I may not have as much time as I like to give you as much attention as you deserve, but I respect and admire you a lot. If you ever need me, I will be there to help you in a heartbeat. Until that day comes though, I will be building a network that will support you and the things you represent (helping others to help themselves).

Take care of yourself too, we need you in the long run! :)

Thanks Sir Terry for help us understand STEEMGIGS. You are really a champion, articulate and a genius! Thanks for your continued support to all of us. SALAMAT PO! God bless

Wow, such a comprehensive yet simple explanation on what STEEMGIGS is all about. This more than ever gave me a full grasp on the potential of everyone. True to the tag, sky is the limit on what one can offer. Very valuable post again Sir Terry.

To you @surpassinggoogle, thank you for this endeavor as it gives us an opportunity to "shine" and make a GIG of our own.

Mabuhay ka @surpassinggoogle!

This is very good work sir @surpassinggoogle. i am so exciteted @intersting about @steemgigs. that's why i searching FAC about @steemgigs. now you explain it. thanks a lot sir

Firstly i want to say you thank you so much from my heart. few days i am so confused about @steemgigs. how they work. but now i am totally clear about @steemgigs. we need this post & you post this. thank you man @surpassinggoogle

i am very upset for you @surpassinggoogle. we know that you are so busy man but i can't understand how you & @steemgigs find out all talented people's?
you are notice some post but i think lots of people follow you & @steemgigs. so they are fed up. its very painful.

i have one quesion for you sir @surpassinggoogle?
are you sleeping?
you always doing work & work. like a superman.

I think the answer is no lol!

@surpassinggoogle you are changing people's life for better through #steemgigs ... you are a true #WITNESS ... i will mage logos and beaultiful designs for #STEEMGIGS because that is what i do best.. thank you for bringing us this far. Jehovah bless you.

May Jehovah bless us all in Jesus' name amen


@surpassinggoogle you are changing people's life for better through #steemgigs ... you are a true #WITNESS ... i will mage logos and beaultiful designs for #STEEMGIGS because that is what i do best.. thank you for bringing us this far. Jehovah bless you.

I admit I was hesitant to offer a service in steemgigs coz I don't have any expertise, hehe

26. What Is Untalented-Steemgigs?

This one of the main categories on SteemGigs, that allows you to offer a service, even when you don't consider yourself an expert yet.

That really is a motivation for non expert like me:-)

Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle

That's call untalented steemgigs

Wow terry! This is incredible. You clearly put a ton of work into the site as well as this post explaining it in a way that anyone can understand. One of my dreams for steemit has always been for some of my very creative former students, who didn't quite fit the college mold , to find a way to earn a living based on their creativity, talent and hard work. I think steemgigs will help many people like this.

Great job!

sir can i write here my own writing story at @steemgigs?

  1. Do My Gig Posts Appear In The Search Engine?
    Yes, every genre of post published from are indexed by the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) and will show organically in search results.

This one is very important for us. thanks to you you notice it and makes this option. i was trying and it work.

Well "my boy Terry" , what can I say that hasn't already been said!! I read Dave's comment at the top and he summed it up perfectly! He and I met in the beginning and have stuck together ever since...and I value his opinion, as I do yours! You were one of my witnesses already, but when anyone asks me about who to vote for, you are certainly one of the names I pass on. Anyone who puts the kind of effort and time into all of this, is certainly a sign of how much you care about this platform, but also about people. That's my mission here as well; helping people become the best they can be. You should be very proud of all you've accomplished!

...oh, thanks for the banner link too. I will now wear it proudly at the bottom of my posts!


i done my witness vote for you @surpassinggoogle.
i read your all instruction. that's why i want to join with @steemgigs. still i watching your @steemgigs blog. here are so many people, they work very hard. here is lots of opportunity for talented people. its a good side of youngstar. you carry on man. i respact your work. & now i following your @steemgigs. & i want share of my some creativity here. i don't know you watch it or not!

am new here. may be that's reason you can't see my comment. anyway i want to say can i join with @steemgigs. it is available for new joiner?

he can't see it because you replied to me by accident:)

I think you accidentally replied to me here :)

yes its mistake. sorry dear.


This 33 FAQ, says it all. thank you @surpassinggoogle for letting us understand what is really @steemgigs. All my questions have been answered with this article.

Just wow! @steemgigs is more becoming a great help to all of us. It's not complete yet but the process of its improvement is awesome! I can't wait for another update about steemgigs. For sure it will be a big hit in social media in the future.

All i keep hearing is your name and chants, even before joining and while waiting for confirmation. I got approved and my first comment, was to you, on your birthday, but sadly, you didn't see it. Thank you for everything. You are one of the people giving hope and future to this platform. Steemgigs is going to pull grounds. I am excited for us all. I came at the right time.

Thank you alot. I saw this one. Stay awesome and welcome

you are the big champion sir. we love you

This warms my heart. I am excited. Thank you.

This post is not for the faint in heart. Let me re-adjust to grasp.

Hahaha, before i could finish reading it. Saw over 10 comments already. Are people now reading with bots

I wonder

Hahaha and the post was edited. It got bigger than blocksize and both steemit and busy couldn't post it. I had to edit. You know i have read all the post you have written about me and on the entire steemit, gosh, it must be Jehovah that inspires you into understanding what i do cos of human to understand it so pinpointly, i truly think it is impossible. There is you and one woman from Columbia. I also see how you create though words anyhow they come. I do that alot. You have come to know me too much.

I am a pupil sitting at the feet of a master.

My wish is to be like you in churning out wisdom. You are a super brilliant young man and you motivate me to be my best. Your every word is inspiring and I will continue to sit at your feet with the intent to learn from the best........ You.

People know you because you live in their heart @surpassinggoogle!

am new here. may be that's reason you can't see my comment. anyway i want to say can i join with @steemgigs. it is available for new joiner?

This. That's just moving.

ha ha ha

Everuthing i neeed to know about steemgigs in hete. Have to cofess, i paused at number 20 to continue later.
I have a strong feeling i'll become a reputable steemgigger soon enough though.
How are you able to combine the 3 personalities in one by the way?☺
When i read a @teardrops post, i'm in a different world and now i'm in another. Keep up the good work, may He continually strenghthen you.

We don't want any level of talent or potential talent to go amiss and we strongly believe that there is a lot of talent in "the attempt" i.e "in attempts at out-of-the-boxness"

This is what I love! There is a vision behind the mission. Steemgigs is more than just a digital marketplace, it is more than a place for just talents, it is also a place that grooms untalented to become talented. So no one is left out. The bum, the average, the smart are all welcome to be a part of this vision. I must again say 'Thank you Terry for this all-inclusiveness'.

Wow this is so much to take in one read, steemgigs is a whole new world on its own ready to be explored, I must commend your efforts towards this @surpassinggoogle a place where we can trade ideas and talents on the blockchain is simply amazing.. I can't wait to start steemgiging 😂.

You have to become Jack of all trade like surpassinggoogle first to combine all personalities. He got to many ideas and I know more are coming. Yes More strength be given to him from God

Here is a description of step by step.It has many help for us. I've
bookmarked it

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@surpassinggoogle it is no secret anymore that your help towards the community is far beyond anyone would ever imagine. I wish i had the same influence as you do,to help in my return as much you do. There are people out there that really need support. I wish you all the best to this trip
Ps. No need to mention that you are already upvoted as a witness

yes his help is no more secreet on this platform anymore

hes a great man i ever known

He is very kind and altruistic
Truly you surpassing google with great idea put into practice via the blockchain.
@surpassinggoogle is surpassing google 😁😁😁
Great work!!!!

@mindtrap, life is step by step, you will get there someday provided you still stick to your desire and also put positive actions, before you know, nature will connect you to people of likemineds who will influence you to influence others too.

absolutely @surpassinggoggle is an angel and a blessing to steemit and humanity generally, THANK YOU BOSS, may GOD continue to multiply you more and more

Firstly we are trying to surpass google, now we wanna surpass Fiverr, up work and every other freelancing sites. This FAQ is a well detailed one I must say and I believe it answers a lot of our curiosity.

But please @surpassinggoogle, I would love to suggest, if there is a way to hasten up account confirmation (for new applicants), it would make this project a huge success. Cause imagine a buyer signing up and taking more than two weeks to get confirmed, that might be a huge challenge tho. Please look into it. Or if there's a way preference can be given to buyers, it would make more sense. Thanks.

You will definitely have same influence someday. I believe surpassinggoogle started like us but worked harder to get to this spot. We will all get there someday

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's not a news anymore that @surpassinggoole is Man that want better life for all human like him. It's hardly to see a kind man like him. In face I am speechless in the sense that I don't know what to say to appreciate him for all his effort . My prayer to him is God Almighty will reward you. Sir I want you to know that you are not doing this for anybody, but for your generation to come and your work will speak then. I red this post all trough and I am impressed. Sir how can I contribute to this project, please I want to support with the little I have. Thanks sir, waiting for your reply sir. Resteemed.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey Terry Good Night!

I think there is no need to ask us:
Please Bookmark This!

This project is world's most demanding project only due to your Generosity, hard-work, devotion and love towards POOR & NEEDY PEOPLE.
This is now responsibility of all of us to not only bookmark it but also take it to the next level and also make it the necessary element of our lives.
You have changed the lives of thousands of people terry. And this is the only reason you have no need to ask us. People already understand and will always say yes what you offer and what do you want to do.

All the very best Terry @surpassinggoogle. Keep smiling ever!

I took me about 15 min just to read this pretty fast and I could tell this is the best SteemGigs introduction I have ever seen. Not surprisingly my vote went for SteemGigs as a witness already. I definately love the way to be called SteemGigger. Always catching my eyes when I hear free transaction fee. You can pay for Gigs without having to reveal personal information which is crucial for me. Sooo easy payment within few seconds. You can sell a service and get paid in steem/SBD/Steem-Power etc and soo much more. I’m soo excited to start using SteemGigs.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes, #steemgigs is a welcome development to this community, Kudos to all the persons behind the initiative, am not regret that am part of this community, thanks @surpassinggoogle.

Yes @adeboy1 you can never never regret that you're part of this community, because this platform has changed many life for better including me. Kudos to @surpassinggoole and all the people behind the success.

yes o, that free payment with ID hidden is the sweetest, as a #steemgiger or he who wants to patronise a giger, your ID can be hidden

Very thank you for everything in this comment

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

SteemGigs let’s go mainstream especially when everyone has something to offer and especially steemians. You article is beyond amazing. I don’t think there is a unanswered question. If anyone has any question regarding SteemGigs he should visit this post. I love this “I will pretend to be your girl friend for a day, for 5 steem or I will tell you what he or she is thinking about You, for 0.32SBD”lol. Anyway, for me privacy is #1 concert and I could tell SteemGigs thought it through. Great job @steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle

you are the real hero @surpassinggoogle. i love you from my heart.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for this great opportunity you have created for us to showcase our potential and talent.

Although I already account with and I have also create my profit, but I have a yet create my My First Steem Gig Post.

This week I will make sure I create one and also introduce to some of the newbies in our community.....Thanks.

@anjiba, you better do it in time boss, #steemgigs sweet like sugar, with clients fulling ground to patronise your services, it's very interesting, you you earn from the post, service rendered and also presents if any