Hidden Camera - Find hidden camera around you

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Hidden Camera

Find hidden camera around you



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This app is very helpful for finding hidden cameras around you. It can detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms, shovers etc. Its fast and easy to use. It checks the magnetic activity and detects cameras.




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Privacy is important for every one. Unfortunately hidden camera ruins a lot of life. I hope this app will help to avoid henious crime. Nice hunt

It is the best mobile service now a days to detect hidden cameras. It is very useful and reliable mobile application

It's good to ensure that there is no hidden camera in trial rooms and specially in hotels. This is helpful to find it out.

Some hotels are too clever and and put the camera's into a hidden place. It leaks your security. This app might be great to protect yourself from any bad things

Hidden cameras are a serious threat to personal privacy. This can be quite cool if it actually works.

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Great hunt dear friend
This is really cool and helpfull application through which we can get to know about hidden cameras in different places. It is very usefull and easy to use.
Thanks for sharing with us.

it seems a nice app that will protect your privacy from being spying so i hope this app will be the best solution to keep your privacy safe and find any hidden camera around you nice find

Hidden camera can evade one privacy. However, it is also needed for security purpose. There are some folks, when they come to your house, they look for what to steal, if this kind is app is with them, it may not be good enough.Anyway, nice hunt

this is very useful hunt, especially for the women who change their clothes in trial room or using washrum in public place, must have this service.. thanks for sharing ... keep hunting...

I think this is very useful app for women while using, washroom and trial room and even in hotel for privacy.


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