Hidden Eye - allows you to easily see who has tried to unlock your device

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Hidden Eye

allows you to easily see who has tried to unlock your device



Hunter's comment

Want to see who have used your phone while you are not near by? Use hidden eye.

Ever wanted to know who tried snooping into your phone while you were away. Use Hidden Eye and catch all the snoopers with ease.




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It will surely make your house more safe and sound for you to live.

another safety thing for all the husbands who think their wife is spying on him :P lol #StaysaFe #stayHome

Interesting hunt because now this way we get to know who tried looking in to the phone and such a nice way to keep our phone safe.

Simple yet very useful app especially if you have to leave your phone around people who you wouldn't trust too much.

This is a good app seriously, most times when your phone is left somewhere, someone might be tempted to see what you have there. But this app will help us to catch them. Thanks for sharing.

The biggest downsides of offices is that colleagues sometimes snoop if you have left your phone on your desk and then gone to the toilets. It's always good to have security to keep your phone safe.

Hmm, now my mobile can take help of hi-tech professional spy :)


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