Speak Urdu - Learn Urdu Language Offline

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Speak Urdu

Learn Urdu Language Offline



Hunter's comment

Speak Urdu is the national languages of paksitan,

Any body who wants to visit Pakistan, they should learn it from online, Speak Urdu can help you during your journey thorough Pakistan.




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Nice application which will make easier gor people who love to learn urdu language. The app will be helpful to make my national language more pooular

Learning any other language is always a good idea and should try if have enough time.

Good way to learn urdu language

Good and easy way to learn urdu language. Offline feature is remarkable. Good hunt

Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this which helps people to learn different types of languages. But this is so good as people who are interested to learn urdu can use to learn the urdu offline. Great Hunt!

It is easy to learn urdu. Nice hunt

Great hunt dear friend
It seems to be a very intresting application through which everyone can learn urdu language easily.
Thanks for sharing with us.

That something I am very interested, I will use it and I will come back to tell you more , thanks a lot hunter for this

We should learn the languages besides our native one . Language makes us improved person and it is a key app to be a smart Urdu speaker.

Good to see an app for learning Urdu from 11 popular languages. Unfortunately, it has only a vocabulary of about 2000 words. So this seems to be for beginners or travelers only. I was more interested in learning meanings of poetic words. I don't see any such category there. But a good hunt anyway.


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