Relax Islamic Sleep Sounds - Relaxing Sounds & meditation app completely new idea

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Relax Islamic Sleep Sounds

Relaxing Sounds & meditation app completely new idea



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Islam is the religion of Peace, Only who can't understand hates it. When listening to Holy Quran, People start feel healing and it relax your mind. Relax Islamic Sleep Sounds consists of different Sounds that makes you feel relax and sleep good.


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Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this but this is so good people can sleep comfortably with the help of this app. Great Hunt!

Really great , I give this a try and I must say it’s working perfect, I recommend it for everyone, upvote from me

yes, you are right bro, Islam is a religion of peace, and it is the fastest growing religion in the world too. I like this app.

The most beautiful thing Indeed the Holy Quran helps us by soothing our hearts , relaxing our minds and to give us peaceful night . I hope by trying this one out many would love to try listening to HOLY QURAN

Islam is indeed a religion of peace.Good hunt fellow.

Nice idea and app for Muslims to listen relaxing sounds and feel comfortable, thanks for sharing.

Music really helps to fell asleep.


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