Magnetips - Fingertip Tracking & Haptic Feedback for Non-Touch Control

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Fingertip Tracking & Haptic Feedback for Non-Touch Control



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Around-device interaction methods expand the available interaction space for mobile devices; however, there is currently no way to simultaneously track a user's input and provide haptic feedback at the tracked point away from the device. We present Magnetips, a simple, mobile solution for around-device tracking and mid-air haptic feedback. Magnetips combines magnetic tracking and electromagnetic feedback that works regardless of visual occlusion, through most common materials, and at a size that allows for integration with mobile devices.


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This is a good app. Useful for every gadget users to track and guide their gadgets with ease. This promote gadget safety.


This application is great . Using this app will also save time. Great hunt!

Very good hunt. I have tried this app. And this is a very useful app.


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