Alvinoo - Smart Water Fountain for Dog & Cat

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Smart Water Fountain for Dog & Cat



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Safe and healthy water is necessary to maintain good health of pets. Alvinoo is the smart water fountain designed to provide healthy water to your pets with a constant and appropriate temperature.



Features :

  • Constant temperature
  • Safety
  • Antibiosis
  • Dynamic water
  • Water filtration



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Great idea behind this I will immediately buy it for my cat , thanks a lot for sharing my friend

Great product for pet lovers. It will ease their life and give them sense of satisfaction. Pets would love to use it

WoW This product is useful for pets and pet owners. It can be controlled via application easily. Thanks for sharing cool product.

Best hunt for pet lovers, Those who love pets want to give their pets a better life and this product can help them in this regard.

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of products like this but this is so good as our pets can now drink water in a new way which seems fantastic. Great Hunt!

after the elephant incident happened i must say we all should take good care of our pets and animals they are also living beings and have family aswel

what's dynamic water in the features ??

What a great and amazing hunt. I love pets. Pets are to much innocent and cute. This is very good technology to give normal temperature water to our pets. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Wow. How nicely designed fountain. Now pet should get relaxed in taking water with this nice pot. Excellent.


  • smart product.
  • excellent choice.
  • good for pet lovers.
  • not much expensive.


  • non

Alvinoo is a great product for pets and also for pet lovers, like me. Great hunt.

The dynamic water function is the best part of this - basically once you have trained your pet to use this water fountain, they have water on demand and you don't have to remember to fill their bowls.



Keep those pets filled. Never let them die of taste. I really like this hunt. Thanks for sharing this hunt with us


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Nice one for pets like dog and cat. Useful hunt

Good hunt for anyone who have pets