LapLock - Work In Comfort, Hands Free Wherever You Are

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Work In Comfort, Hands Free Wherever You Are


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LapLock is a convenient board station designed to grip your laptop while you are working on it. It allows you to use your laptop hands free so that you can perform other tasks like attending a phone call or enjoying a cup of coffee with comfort during work. A quite suitable product for the students as well as for the professionals.



Features :

Light weight and durable

Fold out extendable legs

Storage drawers for batteries, phone, etc

Great for children, seniors, or anyone with a disability

Laptop attaches and releases with ease

Fits into backpacks

Can be custom ordered

Great for posture and relaxation


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Great idea! I can't tell you how many times I've almost lost my cpu fumbling about with it in my lap. This is a no brainer IMO.

This product is really simple and reliable. The idea is brilliant. Specially when you are working in a crowdy place there is maximum chance of dropping laptop. With this amazing laplock it will be secure to work hands free and safely on laptop.


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