Magnum - Folding Wayfarers That Transform Your World

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Folding Wayfarers That Transform Your World


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Magnum is the versatile foldable sunglasses with polarized lenses designed to provide you the opportunity to explore the world through warm and cold lenses. Magnum is eco-friendly and contains a plenty of amazing features to provide real protection for your eyes in all atmospheres.


Features :



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They are stylish and looking elegant to wear. One thing for glasses is always very alarming that they break easily if not handled with care. These glasses are campact and durable. It can be very handy while traveling. Great find.

yes seems really nice and I never knew that we can have goggles with polarized lenses. And I like its name very interesting. I wonder how it has so many cool features amazing

Totally cool. I would not mind having one of these. The features are exciting but I do not think it will come cheap. Let's what will become of it after launching.

I can say that it is one of the best quality durable glasses you see in terms of price and quality. I can say that it has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner and at the same time, it does not break even though it has fallen to the ground, which is one of the most important features that affect me. You can also have a better idea by watching this video below.

Great Ad @alikoc07

Not bad at $35 which is ₹2,516 INR with 1 year warranty and free shipping - but I wonder, how its already met its funding goals because do not see many backers taking the perks ( most of them are available)

This sunglass is not just a usual one but its way more advanced and because its price is not so high so more people can buy it and hopefully will like it. Nice hunt

Magnum sunglasses are very attractive to use by its cool lens help us to get the crisp details of every thing around us. Its lenses won't smash into your eyes. It is a cool hunt.

I may need this lens for my eyes protection. This seems cool and affordable.

At first i thought these are an ordinary sunglasses but when i look at the features i was totally amazed with the qualities of these wayfarers. Magnum is suitable to ware in all weathers. The frame is made of eco-friendly materials. In short the best sunglasses i ever seen.

Time to transform my life with a pair of Magnums.
Thanks for sharing @needu

Wow dude!! one sunglasses with so many amazing features. You can use it at any atmosphere and the price is also not high. I love this Sunglass it is looking cool as well.

Now this is cool, and stylish too, I am pretty much sure it will complete brands like ray ban others, what is the price, you haven't mentioned in your post.

Wow! What a great glasses you have searched. I have seena many types of glasses like this one but this is the best among them as it can transform the real world into a imaginary world due to which we can be able to get a great experience and it can be used in any place. Good Hunt!

This is cool product if we talk about syle and price this product is best match for both catagory. This is amazing we can use it anytime anywhere. Love this

Interesting goggle loaded with nice features and easy to use too. Reasonable price factor will help it to get more users. Great hunt

Wayfarer is good technology. Ray ban very expensive. How much this cost? It is made of waste. Good post.

This sunglass is fabulous and I like it very much. I never heard of this brand but hope this would be with good quality. useful find


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