MUSIC FINGERS - Wearable Device To Play Music By Tapping Fingers

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Wearable Device To Play Music By Tapping Fingers


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Music is an art. It generates feelings and emotions from cores of heart. In the result we start taping fingers with the enjoyment of beats. MUSIC FINGERS is a beautifully designed music instrument which allows you to play music by taping your fingers. Just wear it on your fingers, connect it with the app and let the music play from your heart through fingers. This amazing device provides you an opportunity to explore the music world in a new way.



Features :

Adaptable design to any size


Total freedom of movement

Durable, longer using time

You can use with headphones


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This is cool. Although I'm really not a fan of music but being able to a tune just by the snap of finger is technologically insane in a cool way. Nice hunt

Wow! Technology keeps getting advanced. Who would have believed that you can control your music device with your fingers? I hope the price is affordable too? Nice hunt


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