PRIVLI - Powerful, Convertible portable PRIVATE screen

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Powerful, Convertible portable PRIVATE screen


Hunter's comment

PRIVLI is a beautifully designed Convertible screen that can improve your privacy and productivity all the time. With this amazing screen now no one can see your content without you. You can work on this screen privately with the help of specially designed polarized glasses and a glass cover.



Users can enjoy fun and private gaming experience with this screen. It can go with Intel, Linux, Android, Mac and Windows OS.


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Hi dear hunter @needu you share my love products and different hunt about public work. Privli is a great and generous gift for us. It's beautiful designed screen and special content for us.

This is an amazing hunt. We can use permanent viewing glass to avoid using eye glasses to enjoy full HD and 4K display and built in speakers for the ultimate viewing experience. Multi-functional screen , which converts our laptop & desktop into touch screen sharply.