Shtuka - A Stylish Virus Protection Badge For Your Health

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A Stylish Virus Protection Badge For Your Health


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Shtuka is a stylish badge which is designed to provide you the ultimate protection from viruses and infections wherever you are. It efficiently creates a safe environment around the user and protects your health in a megalopolis.



Inside the badge there is the active substance, which interacts with viruses and bacteria and blocks their distribution and transmission.

Characteristics :

  • 80% natural components

  • Eco-friendly

  • Based on phytoncide

  • Patent pending


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This badge will come in handy for people living in contagious or bacteria/virus-prone environment.
Forgive my curiosity; will it also be effective in prevention of corona?
Nice hunt

Is it helpful against chrona virus? Very stylish that provide good envoirnment ultimate protection.

This can be quite useful, especially with the coronavirus epidemic spreading very fastly.
Nice hunt:)

Umm... The only thing that kills viruses is heat, alcohol and sunlight. I don't see how this badge "blocks transmission". If the virus is airborne, does this badge have heat or UV-C to zap the viruses? I doubt it because if it did, it would be too hot/dangerous to wear.

Shtuka seems all about pataka girls🤔. Nice giphy by the way!

Health is always on the higher priority and search solutions like the one you share dear is very helpful and life saving thing to prevent from such viruses. Nice one

Girl in exercise photo very fit. She will not get sick. This hunt should come before coronavirus. Many life saved. Good post

Badge. Well designed and handy. Its very good one for virus protection. Good hunting.


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