Smart Hen - Chick Warmer With Wifi Video Monitoring

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Smart Hen

Chick Warmer With Wifi Video Monitoring


Hunter's comment

Smart Hen is an amazing product designed in a shape of hen to provide a natural heat and true video monitoring to take good care of baby chickens in your surveillance.


Features :

  • Removeable and Washable skin.

  • Safe warmer, No burns or fires.

The camera is an optional model and would stream to an app on your phone.



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Never thought that hen could also be smarter. Awesome hunt I must say

Great idea behind this, I really love it and I must upvote this great hunt , thanks my friend

It will ease hen faeming and video monitoring will be heloful for better care of chicks. Great hunt

This device which acts like artificial brooder will help the chicken to grow just like when they are with their mother.

It will take poultry farming to all new level. going to increase production and provide ease to poultry farming owners. good find.

Great hunt for All people who have been interested to work with visual content and marketing Smart Hen is an amazing product designed in a shape of hen to provide a natural heat and true video.

does it also raise voice of hen ? would be more interesting lol

What a great and amazing hunt. It is very valuable product. It helps us to gives normal heat and others things to the hen baby. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

beautiful thing because many of the people slaughter the chickens after eggs and many chickens die after laying eggs due to diseases so i think this would be best fake chicken for their newly layed eggs


  • smart technology.
  • washable skin.
  • burn free.
  • Camera inside


  • non

Great hunt dear friend
This looks so cool product with a beautiful design to take care of baby chickens.
Thanks for sharing with us.

This is so cute! I premue the artificial hen is there because the mother of the chicks is elsewhere and you need this to keep the baby chicks warm and happy. Nice find!

First separate kids from their mother and then employ technology to create simulation to provide them an artificial mother! Really, human stupidity knows no bound.

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of products like this but this is so good as we can easily able to take care of the chicks easily and we can control this with wifi video monitoring. Great Hunt!

With this nice and innovative idea and Technology how it will be very easy to monitor the hen farming. great


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