WaveWear - Kinesiology Taping Performance Wear

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Kinesiology Taping Performance Wear



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WaveWear is an innovative and beneficial sportswear with Bio Waved Adhesive Silicone. Made with totally safe material for your skin. Pretty effective tool to relieve stress, pain and fatigue and has capabilities to increase your sports performance by applying Kinesiology body mapping technique on trigger points of body.



Benefits :

Enhance stability and balance

Accelerate recovery

Reduce swelling and soreness

Support muscles and ligaments

Reduce muscles oscillation

Increase blood circulation




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I exercise almost every other day at the gym these days. I am interested in this dress because it looks nice and has functions that help with various exercises.

One of my friends encountered muscle contraction recently, he surely needs this. It quite a nice innovation to avoid medication as much as possible. Not only its stylish but also it has many natural benefits as well. Great hunt.

Oh man, this is indeed cool. I suppose even I want this for my self. Sometimes you suffer stability and enhancement issues. Moreover, it helps reducing stress, swelling and soreness then what else you need. Seems very reliable and comfortable.

Looks like an amazing suit to wear, specially when we are about to play and also when we are feeling bad, it will relax us using the innovative technology.

I really like this sports wear coz it is designed for max stay freshness and comfort blended with odor fighting fibers & it won't stink at all in addition it is exceptionally soft with breathable & comes in different fantastic styles. Awesome Search

Amazed to read that dress has a capability to reduce stress. I would love to try it. May be it will motivate me to involve in more physical activities. By the way what is the price of wavewear?

Hi brother..
Absolutely great search..I appreciate this sporstwear. As design seems very attractive. it is my desire to have such sportswear. I think a person who is not habitual such sportswear, definitely feel restless because this cloths almost paste with our body.

$18,737 pledged of $6,419 goal

Looks like its quite popular, however, on the price font, I think, its a little high at around HK$ 500 (About 64 USD) for a Sleeveless Shirt or HK$ 534 (About 68 USD) for a Men’s Tights.

Playing sports is an important activity for our health. The clothes we wear when doing sports are very important to us because the clothes we wear determine the quality and comfort of the sport we do. The biggest difference of this product compared to other sportive products is that it causes us to feel the pain in our body the least while doing sports.

Wow! What a great suit for every one. I have seen many types of slims cuit but this is among the best because this provides a great material of cloth that is fully stretchable and no problem of wearing it. We can wear it to do exercise in gyms and many other. Good Hunt!

WaveWear is an ideal performance booster product for the sportsmen. It is safe and effective wear that can quickly recover pains and muscle soreness with continuous use during sports. Very useful Hunt.

Nice hunt, such body suits really help in muscle recovery and provide important support while doing sports, or the companies selling them say. This is not a known brand, when nike launches this, I'll get it.

Good and interesting find. Now a days body pain is common problem. You can find best product for us to relief our body pain. This product make with best material they gives not bad effect in your body.

going to be best for the fitness men, will help to reduce the pain while doing stretching... but the cost is a bit high, but it is affordable for one, who are curious about their fitness...
thanks for sharing...
keep hunting..

There are amazing technology that makes you want to get fit everyday. This wavewear look like a technology that will make one eager to look and keep fit. I love the fact it looks natural like a normal wear.

These are really nice tight pants, they would be great for sports or workout gear, its light weight and comfy too. Nice hunt

I think such tight cloth will give pain. But it remove pain. That is good thing. Thank you for good post.

Really good if you are working out and have pain. Great Hunt!

This wear looks so nice and made of quality material. People who are fitness freak and go gym would love to have it. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like very good for excersice and can help us to stay us healthy .

It is very useful for me and thank you very much for sharing


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