Ayush Sanjivani - Fight with Covid-19 with technology

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Ayush Sanjivani

Fight with Covid-19 with technology



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Technology is helping us a lot to fight the covid-19. This app provides option to analyse the the data for the disease and gives it to Ayush department for better treatment and arrangements for people to stay safe.

This app is at the centre of a massive exercise to study specific health seeking behaviours of the public in which the Central Research Councils of AYUSH, the National Institutes of AYUSH, numerous AYUSH educational institutions and state governments bodies collaborate.





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Good to see Governments using tech to reach more and more people for their research. Including 1 million people in an epidemeological study in such a short time won't have been possible otherwise. But ultimately, it's how you interprete and analysis data and act upon it. Let's see.

Covid-19 pandemic has became one of the worst crisis so far and we must fight it back.


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