NowZone - Your Personal Wellness companion

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Your Personal Wellness companion



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This is very good app that works like your personal assistant and companion for wellness and health. It gets you all the information needed and better way to follow for healthy and mindful life.

NowZone is your personal wellness companion application that helps you to reclaim your personal attention, awareness and thus achieve more calm in life. Our guided meditation programs help you to be in the ‘Now’ or the present moment to gain your attention.



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Wellness is much needed thing these days and we all should be careful about it

Everyone needs mindful and healthy life. Thank you for this hunt.

It would be great to have needed information about wellness and health from a personal assistant.

Your health is something you cannot joke with. It helps you to enjoy your life.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this but this is so good as we can easily able to maintain our health. Great Hunt!

Wellness companion it sounds healthy to me. Will definitely try this out.

Everyone needs a sound mind to work effectively. In view of this, having a app like this will go a long way to deal with pressure and stress.nice having a app like this.


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