Water My Plant - Never let your plants feel neglected again

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Water My Plant

Never let your plants feel neglected again



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This app will remind you to water your plants. No more negligence towards plants. It will also help you to determine in which quantity you should water your plant.




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Nice yea more often we all forgot this important thing we dont forget to eat but we forset to water plants without realization that they are dependant on us


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This will be ideal for potted plants and not field plants where rain naturally waters them. Not bad for those that are forgetful.

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Very helpful app for good environment safe plants and water plant in time this determine us to which quantity we should used water also in time nice hunt bro keep sharing ☺

Where was this when I was living alone years ago? I killed a jungle trying to be a botanist in my apartment. I couldn't even keep a goldfish alive.

A terrific hunt.

Something here for great cause. I am sure it help to make envoirnment green. Happy to see No more negligence towards plants. Grow plants and never forgett to watering plants.

AWesome ONe!
Due to our busy life sometimes we forget to water our plants when we know plantation is not a big thing but we need to also take care of our plants. So, that they can grow and can make our life more beautiful.
Thank You and Have a Good DaY!

@samriya, something I need to keep my plants healthy. I always forget when to water them. Some need more water and some need less. So this is going to help me keep up with how much to water for each plant. This is going to be handy for me. Thanks for the hunt.

A great solution for a important task. A useful solution help to those doing gardening amazing hunt

This is super great, I like plants but I have never seen them grow completely, because i mostly forget about water and they wither and die, but with this I think I can have my own garden in my house, thank you. Great Hunt

whaoo, this is good for all farmers to use. also those doing house farming will find it useful

great hunt @samriya! It's time to stop letting our plants die at the hands of dehydration. this looks like a good app to make sure you always remember to water your plants. nice one! happy hunting :)

Nice design for watering plants not only for beginers but I think it'll useful and for professionals!

Oh man, this is a simple solution and I'll try it. You just made me realise i have to set a reminder in my calendar to water my plants weekly.

I like to grow plant in my backyard but remembering to water it daily is something i never did cos i always forget.. this app will surely help to remind me as long as i set the time i will be less busy to do it.

Such a simple solution for an important task. This is going to make my life simple and not just me, its useful for many people who do gardening. Amazing hunt

This will be a great reminder for gardeners and farmers. The importance of water in a plants life can never be overemphasized so with this app, you don't have a problem remembering when to water them

Oh, good application.
Mostly in summer.
For outdoor plants.
Thank you


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